Synthetic Thatch Roof

20 Years of Warranty, Zero Maintenance, 50 Years of Life Span and 100% Recycleable

Upgrade your roof with KHW’s synthetic thatch roof! Enjoy lasting beauty, low maintenance, & fire resistance. Sustainable roofing solutions perfect for the Indian climate.

Synthetic Nipa Palm


Benefits of Synthetic Thatch Roofing

Synthetic thatch roofing redefines the possibilities for your roof. Crafted from high-quality, UV-resistant materials, it offers a beautiful, natural-looking alternative to traditional thatch, with the added benefit of affordability (especially considering the long lifespan). But the beauty goes beyond the surface – Synthetic thatch Roof boasts a wealth of advantages, making it a revolutionary choice for modern homes.

Roofing Solution

India's Top-Rated Synthetic Thatch Roofing Company

Transform your luxury villa, beachfront resort, or traditional home into a stylish and sustainable oasis with KHW Solutions, India’s leading supplier of premium thatch roofs


KHW Synthetic roof's Features -

  • Zero-Maintenance: Enjoy lasting beauty without the hassle.
  • 100% Waterproof & Windproof: Built to withstand the elements.
  • Natural-Looking: Achieve a timeless aesthetic that complements your vision.
  • UV-Stable: Long-lasting color vibrancy for years to come.
  • 20-Year Warranty: Unmatched peace of mind for your investment.

We offer a variety of options of synthetic thatch roofs to perfectly match your design dreams.

Synthetic thatch roof

Best Thatch Roof

Synthetic Palm Thatch

The KHW Synthetic thatch roofs Collection offers the best solution specifically for your roofing projects in India. Choosing KHW means selecting exceptionally durable, resistant, and recyclable products. You’ll achieve stunning aesthetics that virtually replicate natural roofing, while gaining the advantage of maintenance-free upkeep and unbeatable longevity.

Asian Reed Thatch roof
Thatch roof work
KHW solutions

Roofing Solution

Artificial Straw Thatch

Our collection offers a variety of synthetic thatch roofing
materials imitating the natural thatch found worldwide. Whether you are looking for Asian reed, African reed or Synthetic Bamboo, we provide the best quality products available on the market. Made for
easy maintenance, long-lasting and hassle-free projects.

KHW Synthetic Thatch Roofing Solution

A better alternate to Natural Thatch


Recyclable and guaranteed 20 years; no toxic product leak.


Industrial-Strength materials that reduces flammability.


100% waterproof.

High Wind-Resistance

Resistance up to 260km/h (162mph).

Google Reviews

Jayaprakash RasuJayaprakash Rasu
15:21 28 Feb 24
Prasanna prasanna raoPrasanna prasanna rao
11:42 16 Feb 24
When I decided to build a Balinese beach house at Padukere , Malpe Udyavara village Udupi ..main issue being faced by us was how to make the roof so that it should match Balinese concept aesthetically.After thorough research Palmex thatch roof came across & Hozefa & Warren duo of B’lore Palmex made us realise the our dream house .The roof solution comes with impeccable guarantees& beach house is facing the ocean & back water on the otherside .The roof has stood the test of wind & rough weather over a year so we are happy with the product Palmex have stood by the assurance so far .Thanks 🙏
Nikhil ShanbagNikhil Shanbag
07:17 19 Mar 23
We installed Palmex Thatch - Aloha variant for our 'Arka' Cottage at our Farmstay - The Other Side, Coorg.. Though its an expensive investment, the product is worth it..It satisfied our requirements - Aesthetics, Maintenence, Pest control etc.. It's been a year since installation and we have not had any issues so far.. Warren, Hozefa & team are professional and respond to your needs..
Azar AliAzar Ali
05:21 11 Mar 23
Great product and amazing service. Very professional. Double thumbs up 👍
Prashant KumarPrashant Kumar
10:06 06 Mar 23
We wanted to have the thatching done for long and I found Warren’s firm on internet given how little people know about it.Since day zero of connecting with him, I have found them to be extremely professional and on top of their business.The end product is superlative and the experience offered by Warren’s team is super worthy of praise.Highly satisfied and highly recommended!
Kanaka KrupakaranKanaka Krupakaran
12:31 17 Feb 23
Hozefa’s team was engaged to do two roofings for home Office. Hozefa and his team members were very professional and attended to the task and completed it.They have their own process, procedure andModus operandi. We don’t have to intervene but for some Quality checks And give the shoulders to the working team to MakeThem feel ease and at home at work, which I did.Their quality workmanship and execution were all very good.I’d like To engage with Hozefa again.
Shekhar GuptaShekhar Gupta
10:37 17 Feb 23
Impressed with quality work and thatch material. Professional installation by the team. Highly recommend.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do customers look for in synthetic thatch roof?

KHW synthetic thatch is the long-awaited modern roofing solution for consumers attached to tradition, aesthetics, and nature, but at the same time pragmatic, realistic, and well-aware of innovative alternatives or of the necessity to also consider practical criteria. We deliver what they are interested in, artificial thatch roofing with:

  • Durability: roofing with a 20-year warranty and proven high wind resistance.
  • Safety: a waterproof, pest-proof, non-toxic roofing solution with a fireproof option.
  • Certification: proof of ecological value for green building and conformity to norms.
  • Efficiency: certified UV protection, 100 % waterproof, and energy-efficient.
  • Ease of use: a reusable patented system for fast, sturdy, and easy installation.
  • Appearance: designed for an extremely natural look and steady long-lasting color.
  • Cost-effectiveness: short and long-term, directly and indirectly, maintenance-free.

Nowadays artificial thatch roofing is the number one choice of professionals and individuals in several key sectors of the economy.


  • Professionals in the hotel and tourist industry
    Palm roof thatching is unbeatable when it comes to providing resort facilities with an authentic power of attraction or the peaceful and inspiring atmosphere needed to relax weary vacationers. Hotel roofs and window eaves, terrace and balcony canopies, pool houses, BBQ or outdoor cooking areas, shower cabins and beach bars… you name it, they thatch it. 
  • Exterior and even interior designers
  • Artificial thatched roofs are the fast, easy, green and affordable answer to the rising demand for shelter roofing in theme parks, gardens, yards, venues and zoos. All kinds of thatched huts, gazebos, umbrellas, venues stands, playground shelters and shade features offer comfort and protection to visitors, owners, guests and also to animals.
  • Residential homeowners
    Synthetic thatch roofing is becoming more and more popular not only as a main roof covering option, but also for yard-sized structures, balcony and terrace canopies or high-end features. Our modern thatching material gives them the chance to make their dream come true, that of creating their own private oasis in a unique way that links past and present.
  • Modern architects
    Artificial thatch provides a new generation of artists and architects with a material so versatile and attractive that it fuels the most vivid imaginations and unleashes the most untamed free spirits. As a matter of fact, artificial palm leaves offer an unlimited number of roof-design options, from the most conventional to the most daring and avant-garde, without any concessions as to other vital aspects.
  • And many others
    Among those who do not fall into a specific category of consumers, there are many resourceful individuals such as the fishermen who thatch their boats, many handymen and women, open market vendors and hobbyists and mobile homeowners who undertake various projects. Palmex artificial thatch roofing products are exceptionally easy to install with their railing system or with screws, nails and staples. We also stand by do-it-yourselfers with advice and expertise when needed during their projects.

Certainly, all these people are not mistaken, because artificial thatch roofing has rewarded them most generously. For several decades, their synthetic thatch roof will ask for no maintenance whatsoever, retain its color and shape even in extreme weather conditions, supply efficient protection and add significant value to their real estate.

Yes, KHW Solution’s synthetic thatch panels are more durable than natural thatch.

KHW synthetic thatch roofing products are bounded with a 20 year written manufacturer warranty. We have also been specializing in synthetic thatch roofing for over a decade and have an important client base available as references.

Yes. Our thatching material is shipped with full instructions upon request. In addition, Palmex India offers its clients support throughout their projects. For major thatch roofing projects, it is advisable to have some skills and knowledge of roof mounting or to consult a professional roofer.

Our artificial palm leaves are treated with a fire-retardant solution during the manufacturing process. They are also made from 100% non-toxic materials, ensuring a safe and healthy environment.

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