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KHW is focused on design, products, and execution.

Based in Bangalore, the company is always looking for creative product range and are exclusive importers and distributors of Canadian Palmex Synthetic Thatch roofing in India.


An interior design and consulting agency recently integrated into their service portfolio ensures an end to end solution across design, products and execution. KHW is focused on delivering to niche sectors including Hospitality, Real Estate, including Residential and Commercial buildings, HNI’s and Government organizations

Mission & Vission

KHW is on a mission to bring the best of the world. India. We assess, assimilate, and build accessibility for these worldwide unique products in India

KHW at its core is a vision-driven venture to be unique, innovative, and outstanding. The organization is the inventory of the world for its customers and promises to deliver their needs each and every time from any and every place.

aritifical thatch roof


Our Principle


Everyone deserves to be treated well and unique product deserves its own respect


The right message about the product and service is mandatory in our offerings


What you see is what you get


We maintain the product authenticity and ensure 100% satisfaction


What we see ahead ?

We collaborate with architects, developers, and engineers in building thatch roofs for various hotels, resorts, residential, commercial, institutional, and government projects including theme parks, zoos, museums, and spiritual centers across India. Our very realistic-looking product respects the beauty of traditional thatch roofs.

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A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart.

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