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We Provide Perfect Synthetic Thatch Roofing Solution for Your Home

KHW Solutions was founded in September 2020 and is headquartered in Bangalore, India. We have our business operations across India with our corporate office and warehouse based in Bangalore.

We primarily started off as an importer of a unique synthetic thatch roofing solutions from Canada and are the exclusive distributors of Synthetic Thatch roof in India.

Synthtic thatch roof -
Synthetic thatch roof
Synthetc Thatch


Benefits of Synthetic Thatch

Synthetic thatch is a revolutionary roofing material designed to mimic the natural beauty and charm of traditional thatched roofs, while offering a multitude of advantages. Crafted from high-quality, UV-resistant synthetic materials, it provides a visually stunning and long-lasting alternative to natural thatch.


Synthetic Thatch & Artificial Bamboo

aritifical thatch roof

Synthetic Palm Thatch

Nipa Palm Thatch, Asian Reed Thatch, and more...

Umbrellas & Gazebos

Gazebos, Umbrellas and Tiki huts.

KHW Artificial Bamboo

Artificial Fence, Poles, Panels etc.

Why Choose Synthetic Thatch Over Natural Thatch ?


Natural Thatch

Synthetic Thatch

DurabilitySusceptible to rot, insect infestation, and weather damage. Requires frequent replacement (3-5 years).Highly durable, lasting for decades with minimal maintenance.
MaintenanceRequires regular cleaning, repairs, and re-thatching.Requires minimal cleaning and is resistant to mold and mildew growth.
Fire ResistanceHigh fire hazard.Often treated with fire retardants for increased safety.
Eco-FriendlyRequires harvesting natural materials, contributing to deforestation.Environmentally friendly, eliminating the need to harvest natural resources.
VarietyLimited styles and colors.Wide variety of styles, colors, and textures to suit various aesthetics.
CostHigher upfront cost due to frequent replacements and maintenance.Lower long-term cost due to increased lifespan and minimal maintenance needs.

Why Choose Khw Solutions for Your Synthetic Thatch Needs?

Extensive Product Selection

We offer a diverse range of synthetic thatch solutions to cater to your specific requirements and aesthetic preferences.

Expert Consultation

Our knowledgeable team provides personalized consultations to help you select the perfect synthetic thatch product for your project.

Superior Quality Materials

We source only the highest quality synthetic thatch materials, ensuring exceptional durability and long-lasting performance.

Seamless Installation

Our experienced roofing professionals will handle your synthetic thatch installation efficiently and meticulously.

For a durable and long-lasting alternative to natural thatch roofing, consider synthetic thatch roofing solutions.

For a durable and long-lasting alternative to natural thatch roofing, consider synthetic thatch roofing solutions.


Everyone deserves to be treated well and unique product deserves its own respect


The right message about the product and service is mandatory in our dealings


You get what you see and see what you get


We maintain the product authenticity and ensure 100% satisfaction


Our Principle

KHW Solutions

Leading Provider of Synthetic Thatch Roofs in India

Transform your luxury villa, beachfront resort, or traditional home into a haven of style and sustainability. We are India’s leading supplier of premium, zero-maintenance, 100% waterproof, windproof, natural-looking, UV stable, and 20-year warranty synthetic thatch roofs, offering a wide range of styles and colors to perfectly complement your vision.

KHW Synthetic Thatch

synthetic thatch roof


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Google Reviews

Jayaprakash RasuJayaprakash Rasu
05:34 10 Jul 24
KHW Solutions offered excellent service and Artificial Thatch product to our LAGOON SAROVAR PREMIERE RESORT at Pondicherry. Every alternate Guest enquiring about the roof and admiring the Beauty of it. Thank you KHW team. We definitely need your help in our forthcoming ventures. Keep rocking. All the best.
Jayaprakash RasuJayaprakash Rasu
15:21 28 Feb 24
Prasanna prasanna raoPrasanna prasanna rao
11:42 16 Feb 24
When I decided to build a Balinese beach house at Padukere , Malpe Udyavara village Udupi ..main issue being faced by us was how to make the roof so that it should match Balinese concept aesthetically.After thorough research Palmex thatch roof came across & Hozefa & Warren duo of B’lore Palmex made us realise the our dream house .The roof solution comes with impeccable guarantees& beach house is facing the ocean & back water on the otherside .The roof has stood the test of wind & rough weather over a year so we are happy with the product Palmex have stood by the assurance so far .Thanks 🙏
Nikhil ShanbagNikhil Shanbag
07:17 19 Mar 23
We installed Palmex Thatch - Aloha variant for our 'Arka' Cottage at our Farmstay - The Other Side, Coorg.. Though its an expensive investment, the product is worth it..It satisfied our requirements - Aesthetics, Maintenence, Pest control etc.. It's been a year since installation and we have not had any issues so far.. Warren, Hozefa & team are professional and respond to your needs..
Azar AliAzar Ali
05:21 11 Mar 23
Great product and amazing service. Very professional. Double thumbs up 👍
Prashant KumarPrashant Kumar
10:06 06 Mar 23
We wanted to have the thatching done for long and I found Warren’s firm on internet given how little people know about it.Since day zero of connecting with him, I have found them to be extremely professional and on top of their business.The end product is superlative and the experience offered by Warren’s team is super worthy of praise.Highly satisfied and highly recommended!
Kanaka KrupakaranKanaka Krupakaran
12:31 17 Feb 23
Hozefa’s team was engaged to do two roofings for home Office. Hozefa and his team members were very professional and attended to the task and completed it.They have their own process, procedure andModus operandi. We don’t have to intervene but for some Quality checks And give the shoulders to the working team to MakeThem feel ease and at home at work, which I did.Their quality workmanship and execution were all very good.I’d like To engage with Hozefa again.
Shekhar GuptaShekhar Gupta
10:37 17 Feb 23
Impressed with quality work and thatch material. Professional installation by the team. Highly recommend.


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