Back then Thatched roofs have been a very popular roofing technique. But when we think about it now, we can say that the thatched roofs have got many drawbacks. Especially when it comes to durability and strength. 

Artificial thatches or synthetic thatches are now a perfect solution for all the inefficiency of natural thatches. 

KHW Solution will offer the best solutions and guide you through the best quality synthetic thatches.

The natural thatch roofs and great to see. But as time passes it is going to fall for ruin. Also, natural thatches are supposed to change frequently. Thatching is an art. 

Natural thatches as it is an organic product it is subjected to decay. This decaying and destruction might lead to change the roofs often. 

Artificial thatches are the perfect substitution for Natural thatches. They look exactly like the natural thatches. But are more cost-efficient and stronger than the natural thatches. 

When it comes to beachside resorts artificial thatch roofs are the best option. They will add aesthetics to the place and will really look great. The vintage feels the thatched roofs offer is also the special highlight. 

Thatched roofs are easy to maintain and durable. More than that it doesn’t lack anything about natural thatches, rather gives the aesthetics and finishing of natural thatch. 

Thatches add beauty to the roofs. They are far more beautiful than the normal roofing. But normal thatches or natural thatches cannot rely much upon as it is a natural thing. Artificial thatches are the best solution for this. There are a lot of things that can complement the drawbacks of natural thatch.

For beachside resorts, to add a tropic vibe to it, thatched roofs are the best choice and artificial thatched roofs make it more efficient

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