20 Years Warranty

The following list of questions regarding artificial thatch may be used as a quick search for specific information, as it is linked to related pages of our website where the information in question is detailed. For any further inquiries concerning Palmex thatched roofs or products, please feel free to contact us.

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Yes, our thatch roofing is 100 % waterproof if installed adequately on a structure with a minimum 30-degree pitch.

Our thatching material has been independently tested for resistance against strong winds and storms. It can withstand gales of up to 160 mph (260 kph) without tearing, loosening, or permanently losing its shape. Indeed, temporarily the leaf may be twisted by strong winds, but ultimately our patented shape-memory polymer fully recovers its initial appearance. Palmex synthetic thatch roofs have successfully resisted hurricanes with winds measured well beyond this figure, such as in the Caribbean islands, among other locations, and more recently in the Fiji islands where winds reached 250 kph in December 2012.

Our thatched roofs carry a 20 year guaranty, independent of climate conditions and exposure to precipitations or intense sunlight. Thanks to the quality of the material used, our thatched roofs are expected to last another 30 years.

Absolutely none. Any particles, leaves, or small branches from surrounding trees are easily washed away by rain or with a garden hose.

Yes, our synthetic thatch provides exceptional insulation against extreme temperatures, both cold and hot. It is also manufactured and tested for efficient protection against damaging UV rays. It is odor-free, vermin-free, and rot-proof.

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