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thatch roofing services

01 / Roofing Solutions

Synthetic Thatch Roof

KHW are exclusive importers of the palmex thatch roof in india; we only assure you of the very best always. Palmex synthetic thatch roof is the best replicas of natural thatch roofing and truly eco-friendly with a shelf life of 50 years against the 2-5 years of natural hay that’s prone to decay and discoloring and a piling eco waste.

02 / Urban Design

Umbrella, Gazebo and Tikki huts

You will not be able to shift your gaze away from our wooden gazebos. We offer both customized and ready-made wooden, metal and bamboo gazebos. Gazebos are usually very apt for small outdoor sit out areas. Wooden garden gazebos are a good fit for gardens, on terraces or lawns. They best serve aesthetic appeal with a functional benefit for resorts, restaurants, malls, theme parks, zoos, to lounge and enjoy. Most prefer them around water bodies such as lakes, swimming pools to enhance the look and appeal visually. Metal gazebos too form an excellent option to style up the place. However bamboo gazebos are best to blend with natural settings. It creates a close well knit space but offers a wide view of the surrounding area.

03 / Bamboo Fences

Artificial Bamboo

Landscape enhance the appeal of a lawn or garden, improve the first impression, and generate positive feelings. Beautifully set for a feel-good factor and a designer setting of necessary plants and trees landscape architecture is a skill of the few. These benefits lead people to strive and seek a landscape design plan which includes a mix of the layout and choice of plants required to create a good effect. A landscaping design work includes the choice of accessories and their setups like wooden pergolas, metal pavilions, glasshouse, or benches. Landscape designing cost is an inherent cost to creating landscaping you need.

04 / Interiors & Decor


An organization with exclusive products for décor needs an exclusive design and consultation service; it’s this gap that our interiors and decor wing fulfills. The service is an end-to-end service that helps you design, source, and decorate your spaces with an exclusive touch.

Our interiors and décor services wing is headed by yashvi – a talented and skilled professional with an eye for detail. Well versed in her craft, our designer is adept at conceptualizing the entire look and feel of your work and living spaces to suit your personality and meet your needs.

We offer stand-alone consultative service including design and development or a complete turnkey solution that befits your lifestyle. Our expert services are available to individuals and organizations alike.

thatch roofing services

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