While natural roofs were a preferred option for the hotel industry, it has come to notice that they are ineffective in protecting the infrastructure against prolonged exposure to the sun, heavy rains, and other harsh weather conditions. This is why hoteliers now opt for synthetic thatch roofing solutions to help solve their inconveniences.

Here are the top 6 reasons why the Hotels industry now prefers synthetic thatch roofs:

  1. Environment-friendly

While the hotel industry is expanding, it is also focusing on becoming more environmentally conscious. They have now adopted sustainable building practices to increase the longevity of the building while ensuring to protect nature. 

Synthetic roofs are a great way to alternate natural roofing. They look very similar to a natural roof and are non-toxic, eco-friendly, and 100% recyclable. 

2. Easy to install and costs lesser

While natural thatch roofs may cost less, they require extra costs to install and maintain. Apart from this, they take longer to install too. Synthetic thatch roofs on the other hand require 50% less time, incur even lesser costs to install, and require very little maintenance.

 Synthetic thatch roofing by KHW eliminates several problems associated with natural roofing like pest control, routine patching needs, deterioration, flame retardant application, and more. Not only do these issues take up time but also add to the extra costs. 

3. Long-lasting and durable

Synthetic thatch roofs are durable and last for decades. They require little to no maintenance making them an excellent choice for hotels. They can withstand even the toughest weather conditions. 

Apart from this, they are also less prone to fading and deterioration and have a lifespan for many decades. Synthetic thatch roofs from KHW solutions are perfectly designed to withstand all weather conditions and have an estimated lifespan of 50 years!

4. All Weather-proof

Synthetic thatch roofs are a great choice to protect the hotel establishment as well as their guests from all kinds of weather conditions. Whether it is sunny, raining, or even facing a tough storm, these thatches are made to withstand anything. 

They are also UV resistant and waterproof to help protect the building from fading, breakage, and even gradual degradation. 

5. Adds to the aesthetics

While talking about thatched roofs, we can not miss out on the beauty it adds to the venue. Hotels are incorporating various designs of thatch roofs to add to the aesthetic element of the infrastructure. Not just hotels and resorts, even outdoor garden spaces use thatched roofs to increase the visual appeal. 

KHW Synthetic thatched roofs offer a variety of designs, sizes, and colors to choose from. They are durable and one doesn’t have to worry about color fades, degradation as our products are of premium quality. 

6. Value for money

With all the above-mentioned advantages that synthetic thatch roofs bring, anyone can agree that the product offers great value for money. They are durable, weather-proof, water-proof, fire-resistant, and add to the visual element of any infrastructure. 

Along with this, they are also easy to install and maintain making them a cost-effective option for the hotel industry.

Why are KHW Synthetic Thatch Roofs the Best Solution?

As the hotel industry is growing exponentially owing to the rise in tourism, the standards of accommodation have also increased. Tourists now expect top-level infrastructure, hospitality, food, and comfort from the hotel establishments. This makes them no less than a tourist attraction itself. 

This is why hotel brands are doing everything they can to stand out in this cut-throat competition. But the one thing they absolutely cannot compromise is roofing. An effective roofing system helps protect, beautify and preserve the hotel establishment for guests to enjoy without having to worry about the weather. 

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