Natural vs Synthetic Palm thatch:

● Synthetic thatch is maintenance-free, unlike natural thatch which requires Maintenance other which it will not last long.

● Natural thatch roofs fade in color with time due to excess sunlight and other weather conditions but synthetic palm thatch roofs don’t lose their shine or color.

● Insects, rodents, and birds do not really like synthetic palm thatch again a plus point.

● UV resistance and wind-resistant is a property that synthetic thatch has but not natural thatch.

● The durability of the synthetic one is more than the natural thatch.

Our synthetic thatch roofing products:

Below are some of our synthetic thatch roofing products that will convince you to buy synthetic thatch roofing from us.

Why do you go to your farmhouse obviously for a change from your boring corporate life So why give your farmhouse the same look as your normal house just add some spice to it for giving it a different look and vibe. By adding a synthetic thatch roof to your farmhouse, you can give a different look and vibe, thatch roof will make your farmhouse look to catch and will give you a different cozy feeling. Not only for farmhouses you can use it for commercial purposes also, in your resorts.

Thatch roof is eye-pleasing tranquility it gives a relaxation to eyes and mind and using it for your resort or restaurant will not be a bad decision. What about a tiki bar with thatch roof?

Instead of using those normal big umbrellas for your outside restaurant why not use thatch umbrella. It will be a good alternative to those big plastic or clothe umbrellas that just provide shade, thatch umbrella provides both shades from astonishing heat and cooling. It’s your choice if you want a permanent thatch umbrella or a moveable one, we have both.

Thatch roof like Bali resort will give your visitor’s Bali-like feel without going Bali. What about a thatch roof gazebo just by side of your pool? Astonishing right. So, why to wait get your synthetic thatch roofing solution now.

These were some of our products and many of our projects are still going on. For a perfect roofing solution for yourself contact us at 9148584281 or visit our website Palmex India.

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