Thatch roofing is a traditional method of roofing that is still in use and nowadays in trend.

There are many areas where you can see these thatch roofs like in movies, restaurants near beaches, or bars. They give an elegant and attractive look and are very eye-catching. There are several options available for the material to go with for thatch roof like natural thatch, synthetic thatch, palm thatch, synthetic reed thatch, etc. You need to know many things about different thatch roofs and the material used to make them and which one is more suitable for you.

KHW SOLUTIONS provides you all the information about this roofing practice and helps you to install these roofs.

What is Thatch roofing?

Thatching is an ancient method of roofing in which ancient people used dried grass, straws, dried palm leaves, etc. for making roofs. Nowadays, this roofing practice is in trend. They are installed in restaurants, hotels, boutiques, and bars to achieve the desired minimal look. They deliver relatively cooler shade than any other option which makes thatch roofs ideal for anything from garden umbrellas, gazebo,and tiki bars to picnic pagodas.

There are two types of thatch roof- Natural thatch and Synthetic thatch which are named based on the material used for manufacturing them. If you are wondering which one is the more durable and cost-effective choice for you, then the best choice to opt for is Synthetic Thatch.

Synthetic Thatch

There is a shift from using natural thatch to synthetic thatch due to its advantageous characteristics and properties. These properties are acquired due to the use of high-density polyethylene(HDPE)that is used to make synthetic thatch. Some of the properties which make them best for you are-

·         Eco friendly

·         Low maintenance

·         Suitable for all-weather

·         Safer

·         Worthy one-time investment

There are options in synthetic thatch too, like synthetic palm thatch and synthetic reed thatch. Then which one is the best option available for you.

Synthetic palm thatch vs Synthetic reed thatch

Synthetic palm thatch looks like traditional roofing material. They are generally used to cover island structures and cottages. It is used to create a look of Hawaiian paradise or a historic village while Synthetic reed thatch is often used in safari or jungle areas to give a touch of traditional look. There are no certain rules to use them only in these places. The perfect fit depends on which look you want to attain using your space.

It is ultimately your decision based on your priority and preference which one you choose.

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