Thatch roofing is a traditional method of roofing which is still in use and nowadays they are in trend.

You can see these thatch roofs in movies, restaurants near beaches, or bars. They give an elegant and attractive look and are very pleasing.

There are many things you need to know about different thatch roofs and the material used to make them.


Thatch roofing is a traditional method of roofing in which we use dried grass, straws, dried palm leaves, etc. for making roofs. They providing relatively cooler shade than any other alternatives. This makes thatch roofs ideal for anything from garden umbrellas and tiki bars to picnic pagodas.

There are two types of thatch roof- Natural thatch and Synthetic thatch which are named based on the material used for building them. If you are wondering which one is the more durable and cost-effective choice for you then the best choice to opt for you is Synthetic Thatch.

Reasons behind shifting from natural thatch to synthetic thatch roofing

  • Eco friendly- It is generally misunderstood that natural thatch is more eco-friendly than synthetic thatch but this is not the truth. Natural thatch requires the use of  several chemicals like pesticide and insecticides that are harmful for the environment. 
  • Low maintenance- Synthetic thatch is made by using high-density polyethylene (HDPE).Pests and weeds are not able to grow in them. They don’t need any special care like spraying of different chemicals to protect it. So they need zero maintenance and are thus considered as the best material for thatch.
  • Suitable for all weather- As they are made up of HDPE, they are quite harder and chemically inert. They have greater tensile strength. All these reasons make it suitable for all types of weather. 
  • More Safe- Synthetic thatch don’t require any maintenance and use of chemical fumigative like insecticides and pesticides which possess many risk factors if a person gets contacted with them. Thus they are safer. They are also inflammable and don’t catch fire like natural thatch.  
  • Worthy one time investment- These synthetic thatch look similar to the natural thatch but they have a longer life span in comparison with natural thatch. This roof gives your restaurant and bars different and attractive look thus attracting many visitors. They have a life of 50 years with a warranty of 20 years, thus they are worthy of one-time investment.

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