WPC is an extremely durable and resilient material that is commonly used in buildings. It’s made up of a combination of wood fiber, sawdust, and thermoplastic elastomers. Inorganic additives with plastic blends are often used to make WPC panels. Wood-plastic composite carpeting is also a high-quality and high solution. WPC panels can be used for floorboards, platforms, rails, fencing, gardening, frames, doorways, external or interior wrapping, door and window frames, creating tough and stylish by blending flooring Furniture, and many other applications.

  WPC boards are prepared by mixing powdered wood along with heated thermoplastic resins while molding it into the desired shape and size. Even recycled thermoplastics can be used in making WPC frames or boards.


The wood plastic composite gazebo is a newer version of environmentally friendly landscaping material made from PVC, sawdust, and nutshells that has undergone specific processing. This has no deterioration, distortion, or discoloration, as well as pest – resistance, strong fire resistance, no breaking, and also no management. A notable ecologically responsible material is the wood plastic composite material developed by high-tech combining plastic wastes, tree wood dust, and nutshells through extremely high pressures.

 Since most of the gazebos are installed in gardens or large landscapes, they are quite vulnerable to outside weather conditions and the conventional gazebo materials cost you a lot of money as well as your time for maintaining it on a routine basis. WPC keeps the natural processing of timber. The problems of wood splitting or cracking, moisture damage can all be avoided when you replace timber with WPC. Furthermore, the properties and functionality of WPC make it very easy to customize and repaint.


  • WPC panels are a popular patio material. Hardwood decking, hollowed decking, tiled decking, and many other variations are available to choose from.
  • WPC boards are also widely utilized in the construction of fences. This is a safe and long-lasting material that could be used for landscape fencing and other types of outdoor fencing.
  • WPC boards are broad and long-lasting, making them suitable to be used as wood paneling. It’s a type of wall paneling that may be utilized both indoors and out like gazebos.
  • Internal ceilings, home furniture, shoe racks, closets, kitchen cupboards, bathroom vanities, interior partitions, flexible furnishing, and other modern constructions employ WPC boards.


  • WPC boards are known for their high durability. These boards contain stabilizing agents, enhancers, foaming agents, and other ingredients which must be mixed in a precise quantity. WPC boards become such a high-quality product as a result of the perfect mixture of high-quality elements.
  • WPC can be shaped and sized in a variety of ways. If you want a stylish door or window built of wooden plastic composite, it’s doable because this material has a very luxurious appearance and the best polishing. It is utilized for doorways, frames, and household furnishings.
  • Since it is highly fire-resistant, it keeps your furnishing safe from any fires.
  • WPC panels, windows, and floors are given an innovative and high protective coating, such as varnish or thermal transfer, to make them appear thriving. The skilled surface modification not just offers the WPC boards a one-of-a-kind appearance, but it also offers them a stunning appearance.
  • It is an environmentally safe substance to use. It is resistant to water, heat, and toxins while remaining unspoiled and undisturbed by weather conditions. Because of this, you can save up your maintenance cost.
  • It is 100% termite-proof.



  • Since WPC is made of both wood and plastic, at times they could cause problems too.
  • WPC material is expensive when compared to other products used for similar uses.
  • The smoothness of WPC does not resemble that of wood material. When furnishings and doors are prepped, the genuine wood sense is absent.
  • WPC board has a moderate tolerance to high temperatures. This is why you cannot use a welding machine on it since the panels would be burned out. Likewise, putting high-temperature kitchen appliances on WPC boards can give the sensation of melting.

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