Why choose Luxury Wooden Garden Gazebos?

 Whether to relax in the winter with some hot barbeque parties or chill in the summer in your outhouse, a good gazebo provides it all and more. It can be even used as a focal point for your garden to set some flowers in it and watch green heaven develop in your garden.

If you can afford a luxury gazebo, choose a wooden one, because they have their perks. They have a classic design and offer a rustic look. Cedarwoods last a long time because they are resistant to decay and withstand moisture. Let’s check some options that you would want to fill your gardens with. 

Regal Garden Gazebo

With a traditional roof and bulky posts, the Regal Garden Gazebo is a heavyweight option. Made from heavy pressure-treated timbers, it is equipped to prevent rote. It is easy to assemble with its exterior grade fixing. It’s highly suitable as a cover for your hot tub and dining area, because of its huge size. Shingle tiles for the roof are also available for purchase along with the gazebo. These shingles are flexible, lightweight, and durable. Made from formulated bitumen asphalt, strengthened with pre-impregnated glass fiber. To give it an attractive appearance, it is finished with colorful ceramic granules. 

 Elegance Hot Tub Gazebo

A much cheaper option from Regal Garden one, Elegance Hot Tub Gazebo, living up to its name, is an exquisite gazebo made with extra thick pressure-treated wood. It is supplied with external fixings and is easy to assemble. It has  Bolt down post anchors that can be fixed to any surface. Be it metal, concrete, stone, or decking. It comes with an attachable stone drink shelf, which is a good alternative to a table to put your things in the gazebo. You can paint or varnish the side visible to you, to prevent mold growth. To cover its roof shingle from the inside, a lightweight waterproof membrane is attached, to make it suitable for the usage of a hot tub inside.

 Celestial Gazebo Kit

Celestial gazebos are unique because they have partially transparent roofs, which allow light in the gazebo during the day. You could enjoy the exotic moonlight at night and gaze at the stars from heaven. The 8 x 10 gazebo is adequately spaced and a good addition to your garden. You can let your kids play there and have a sleepover. The transparent or the clear roof section is made from acrylic which is way stronger than glass. The transparent view is at the center of the gazebo.

  Tudor Bespoke Gazebo

Take a look at the Tudor luxury gazebo. With 150mm posts as standard to support the distinctive roof form, an inverted V, this strong Elizabethan homage will fill your garden with the beauty of a bygone period. This garden gazebo will endure the power of any invading weather thanks to its massive vertical rafters, which are more comparable to those of a typical home, and all of the accompanying qualities of strength and durability. The thicker 200mm x 200mm thickness of the upright supports gives the gazebo the appearance of an impenetrable fortress that will provide cover in your yard for years to come.

 The Imperial Gazebo

Huge Imperial Gazebo that makes the most of its dimensions to provide a magnificent outdoor space with numerous functions – as you can cook in the pizza oven and then relax in the hot tub!

Our 3.6 x 7.2m Imperial Gazebo with grey shingle roof and 6 x 200mm poles was custom designed and manufactured. 

They finished the gazebo’s appearance and were protected from the weather with hit-or-miss privacy panels and roll-up privacy curtains. It has tongue and groove roof boarding with huge corner braces to maximize its construction strength. 

Mediterranean Gazebo

This gazebo as its name suggests is made in a Mediterranean or Moroccan style. The warm, relaxed atmosphere of this Outdoor Living Area gazebo is created by chunky timber legs, a unique rear support panel, a clear gazebo roof, and large curved timber braces. A hot tub, beverages bar, restaurant, or pub might all be housed under this gazebo The 200 mm thick posts provide strong base support. The roof is made of clear dual-wall polycarbonate, which provides complete rain protection without sacrificing light.

Lean To Pergola

Do you like to enjoy the changing seasons from a fashionable shelter or conservatory? With this stylish open-air orangery, you can enlarge both your house and your yard at the same time. This stylish and robust lean-to-gazebo can be custom-built for a fraction of the cost of a permanent building, providing a smart and practical respite from the rain as well as a safer sanctuary under which to protect your more fickle garden plants. Use this to house your barbeque, kitchen garden, covered dining area. Maybe set up a bowl of water on the side for small birds to drink water. Afterward, we must look after others in nature.

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