How to choose the gazebo for your needs?


For a well-crafted garden, a gazebo is a must. If well placed, it highlights your garden and landscape. A gazebo also provides space to set up your flower pots or gives the climber plants support. Enjoy your leisure time with nature and unwind in your garden. Get a book and relax. Or have your tea. Get a spaced gazebo and host small parties.


You need to know how to select the gazebo you need, based on your requirements. Decide the size of the gazebo based on your garden. Don’t pick a big one then find it disproportionate and then go through the pain of exchanging it or getting a refund. Most wooden gazebos are sturdy and picking one where the wood was pressurized is a good choice as they are likely to last long.


Royal Hexagon Thatched Roof Gazebo


With the size of 11 x 10, the royal hexagon thatched roof gazebo is a medium-sized one. Capable of seating 8-10 people it is a good choice for hosting small parties. Attached with a South African thatched roof, the wood in the structure was pressure-treated so it comes with a 15-year warranty. This spacious gazebo provides an excellent option for entertainment purposes.


It is also constructed with machine-rounded timber. Making a smooth, stylish, finish. Even though it is an open structure, it has 3 small infill panels, so it does provide some privacy. Customize the gazebo with tables, cushions, and seats and get a comfortable resthouse


Square Wooden Garden Gazebo with Timber Roof


The Hillhout Premium Sardinia is here because of its versatility. It has a sheltered design with 11 x 11 size, making it great for an outdoor lounge. Its roof is designed in a penthouse manner, which is unique for wooden gazebos, as others normally have tall, apex roof style, which might not be the best for gardens. So for a shorter design, this one is apt. It provides a rustic design with its northern pine construction. The pine for this gazebo is also pressurized, so gives a long-lasting gazebo that can tank all the punishment from the elements.


Hillhout Premium Montecristo


This one is also made by Hillhout. With two closed panels, its design is more closed than Sardinia. It comes with a pent synthetic rubber roof which can protect the gazebo from heavy downpours and a sophisticated design, making a classic-looking gazebo that can weather the storms and the sun. This one is also pressure treated so it can last long. Again, with an 11 x 11 sized gazebo, this one also makes a case for being a classy, large area for you to relax and entertain in the summer and monsoon.


Taylors Milan Gazebo


This is a slightly expensive option. This is an octagonal gazebo made from high-quality cedar. Cedar is a naturally decay-resistant material, and it is more protected against moisture than other wood options. so, we don’t need to do other treatments to increase its lifespan. This 10 x 9.2 gazebo comes with roof shingles to increase the lifespan of the roof, and you can add an upper panel trellis, a roll-down canvas, and french doors. You can be flexible in the way you use it. It can seat up to ten people and gives you a large, high-quality, weather-resistant option. It might be heavy for your purse, but it is worth every penny.


Rowlinson Willow Gazebo


The Rowlinson willow gazebo is an 8.8 x 8.2 sized gazebo. It is one of the cheapest models available in the market. What makes this special is its rustic design which gives a nostalgic aesthetic. This hexagonal gazebo is a good fit in any garden because of its pleasant and comparatively smaller appearance. Its USP is it can be disassembled and reassembled. The smaller prize and size do come with a cost. It can’t withstand heavy snow. So you need to disassemble it during the winter. Otherwise, it is a handy option.


Loxley Phobos Arbor


The Rowlinson 2.7.3m Gainsborough Wooden Gazebo might be mistaken for being a low-quality gazebo for being thin. But it is a sturdy and high-quality design. The gazebo is pressure-treated, so it is very durable. Its walls are lattice-like, so the climber plants can crawl on it. Plant a good climber plant, like wisteria, and watch the gazebo get obscured by it during the summer and spring. A unique design coupled with a good price makes this one a good buy.


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