Thatched roofing has been quite a popular thing back then. But we can see them now in the resorts and hotels. They give us a vintage vibe. They are one of the most preferred chilling out spots for everyone who is looking forward to spending their summer.

Natural thatchesSynthetic thatches, or artificial thatches have got their own pros and cons in terms of maintenance, cost-effectiveness, and durability. So choosing the right one is a complex task, but KHW Solutions can help you chose the right one for your project. 

First of all, Thatching is an art. Thatches are actually dried grass or straws arranged properly on the roof and not everyone can place it beautifully. Also, we might have a misconception that thatches are all the same. But they aren’t and wide varieties of natural thatches are available.

Natural thatches are eco-friendly and sustainable. Mexican Palm Thatch capes, Tahiti Thatch, Thatch reed panels, etc. are some of the popular natural thatches.   

Mexican Palm Thatches are made from palm leaves. They are the perfect choice for indoor spaces. Also, they last longer indoors. Outdoor spaces aren’t that appropriate since the exposure to natural elements will cause decay eventually. But also the texture of the thatch helps to slow down the fire. The installation of Mexican Palm Thatches is pretty easy. They can be easily cut into our choice.

Tahiti Thatches are also made from palm leaves. But unlike Mexican Palm Thatches, they are a bit stronger and got a stubborn texture. Tahiti Thatches are not really limited to indoor or outdoor rather could be used for both purposes.

Tahiti Thatches are perfect for hot regions. They are good at resisting the elements, which makes them good outdoor thatch. A single pan of Tahiti Thatch can provide coverage to an almost big area.

Thatch reed panels are special thatches from Africa. They are waterproof, durable, and is flexible enough to cover the intended area.

Natural thatch roofs though seem to be a limited option, the truth is that it is not. There are various options available in the market if you are going for natural thatches. If you are trying to know more about this visit KHW Solutions.  

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