Selecting the Best Roof for Your Cabana Roofing


Choosing a synthetic thatch roofing product is now a matter of personal taste. Fortunately, our Regions collection offers homeowners options that imitate traditional thatching from various regions across the world. Cabana stands are necessary features for any pool or beach-side environment. Each custom-made structure is engineered to endure harsh weather and provides enough shade that is generally 5-10 degrees cooler than standard canvas.


We provide a range of synthetic thatch roofing and structural support solutions, allowing us to design the ideal structure for any climate, location, or use. The replacement thatch kits are designed to be simple to install for both professionals and do-it-yourself homeowners.


Here is some cabanas roofing mention from various parts of the world:




Choose our Bali offering if you wish to replicate cabanas from the South Pacific Islands. As you can see, this product has finer grass to give it a Balinese or Japanese appearance.




Furthermore, our Capetown product’s finely textured longer reed closely resembles the African grass known as “Cape Reed.”




Must choose Kilimanjaro thatch for a cabana that looks like it belongs in Tanzania. This style is inspired by the auxiliary structures one would see on an African safari.




Maybe your cabana will be located in an elegant garden. A cabana with a Somerset roof would look well at home. The neatly trimmed grass thatch resembles the hand-trimmed thatch found on Mediterranean cottages.




If you pick our Kona roofing product, your cabana will appear as it belongs on a beach in Hawaii or the Caribbean Islands. It has grasses with broad blades. As a result, it will appear if you roofed your cabana with Pili grass or Alang.




Lastly, for a Caribbean effect, pick our Dominica product for your cabana to get the illusion of feathery palm thatching.


Of course, we can also create a unique thatch for you. The options are infinite, but if you give us a call, we’ll be delighted to assist you in selecting the ideal synthetic thatch product for your cabana.


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