The demand for water reed has suddenly become virtually difficult to meet. Simply said, there isn’t enough naturally produced reed anymore.

Regrettably, rivers that formerly supplied an abundance of the reed have been impacted by agricultural runoff. Furthermore, extensive cultivation of water reed produced nitrates, which harmed the reed. Yes, it expanded more quickly. They did, however, weaken the stems and diminish the reed’s toughness. The reed became brittle. Nowadays it breaks easily. Water reed has declined in just a few years.

If you desire a thatched roof made of water reed, you could be out of luck these days. The supply has been depleted. We at KHW solution can assist you in obtaining these reeds more efficiently in synthetic form. We are excellent suppliers of synthetic reeds in Bangalore.

Fortunately, eco-friendly synthetic reed has the same charm. It also makes it easy to comply with building and fire standards. KHW products are synonymous with low-maintenance beauty. We provide a wide range of synthetic thatch materials.

Why do you have to pick among the various characteristics of our synthetic reeds? Are listed below.

✔ There are no maintenance fees.

✔ The warranty period of 20 years.

✔ The life expectancy of 50 years.

✔ It does not entice insects, rats, or birds.

✔ It is 100 percent recyclable and LEED-certified.

✔ HDPE is a long-lasting material.

✔ UV-resistant and wind-resistant certification.

✔ Extreme temperature resistance.

synthetic thatch roof is easier and faster to construct than a regular thatch roof. The first requires little to no training, but the second demands expert craftsmanship. Because synthetic thatch is significantly lighter than natural thatch, lightweight building materials are generally necessary. Both types are valued for their adaptability and flexibility since they do not impose limits on roof size or forms.

Continue exploring our website, where we highlight ecologically sustainable activities and enterprises from across the world. Furthermore, to be environmentally responsible, consider KHW solutions as a roofing option when building a new property or renovating existing resorts, government institutions, and educational institutions.

Why do you pick KHW solutions for your resort and hotel renovations?

KHW is a specialist in this field, with customers from all over India. Our company’s goal has always been to decrease pollution and improve the sustainability of our environment. We believe in providing high-quality items to our customers. We will create an excellent design for you that will help you stay within your budget.

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