Why Gazebos?

After a hectic day, imagine relaxing at your Gazebo in the yard. It would obviously be dreamy. The pandemic phase has made us realize how important is to have a cool chilling-out space at your home. There are a number of ways for it. Gazebos, Pergolas, Pavilions, patio, etc. are just some of it.


Just like giving the indoors of your home much effort, proper ideas have to be given at the outdoors soon, as outdoor of the home also serve the purpose for your happy home.


A Gazebo is typically a building generally constructed in yards or gardens. It is constructed in an elevated space, from which we should get a view of the whole space.


To know more about Gazebos and to decide how to build them in your yard, KHW Solutions will give you a complete insight

Let us explore more about Gazebos!

Gazebos are of so many types. It has pretty much evolved from the traditional style of Gazebos. It is generally constructed with a small single opening and pillars around it.


The most popular materials to constructs Gazebos are wood, metal and bamboos. Choosing the material to build a Gazebo can be chosen according to price, climatic conditions, maintenance etc.


Backyards and gardens are the perfect places for Gazebos. But nowadays Gazebos are constructed in terraces too.


Before planning to install a Gazebo in your garden amidst your garden, choosing the aptest material is a crucial thing. As mentioned earlier wood. Bamboo and metals are some popular materials and each of them has got its own pros and cons.


For instance, wooden ones are more classy, but it definitely comes with a price. Metal ones are elegant but certain climatic conditions might cause them to corrode. When it comes to Bamboo ones, if you don’t choose the right one, sometimes it won’t be of any use. So just like this deciding to have a Gazebo might sound as easy as possible and maybe construct one, but, to construct the right one which can match up with your plans, surroundings, budget, space, etc. isn’t really that easy, unless you have the guidance of KHW Solutions.


Gazebos were traditionally hexagonal or octagonal. But it has taken a creative turn with applying shapes like pyramidical, curvilinear etc. So we can say that the ideas of Gazebos are constantly evolving and we can choose the ones according to our wish.


Gazebos can also be constructed as free-standing or attached to your garden. A gazillion options are available in front of you to explore and choose from.

The unending varieties of options

The classy wooden Gazebos gives you indeed an old English vibe. You can add a fire space to it to keep you warm during cold nights.


The arrangements inside the Gazebos can be customized. You can add cushions or chairs.


Another ongoing trend is to build the Gazebos as an extended space to the kitchen. By this, even a grill Gazebo can be built. The food-loving gang of yours can have a wonderful grill session with campfires, music and dance.


If you are not looking for vintage styled Gazebos, or if you feel it is a bit extra for you, then feel free to choose the simple aluminium Gazebos. This is quite a contemporary idea and it can be constructed openly.


Double-decker Gazebos and Canopy Gazebos are a kind of modern unique mix of ideas.


Gazebos are one of those ideas which are being constantly evolved and experimented with. Adding a pergola entrance to the Gazebo is one such.

Where and How?

Even though there are several preconceived about how to construct a Gazebo and its factors, there is no compulsion to choose any of them. As we can see how it has evolved from the traditional setup, and how it is constantly evolving, we can add our own ideas and customize it considering our budget, area, space etc. For this, you only need a good place to consult.


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