Life Expectancy of thatched roof:

The lifespan of a thatched roof depends largely on how well it was constructed and assembled, how steep its roof is, how frequently it is maintained, and the materials used to construct it. The prevailing environmental factors like humidity, rainfall, and moisture (the drier the better) also contribute to life expectancy.

Generally speaking, thatched roofs with regular maintenance and care can last up to 60 years after installation if the materials used during installation are in good condition.

Looking at details about all the points included above and how do they affect life span-

The material employed and the quality of the material-

The lifespan of a water reed thatch is about 25- 30+ years, combed wheat thatch is about 30 years, and a straw thatch is about 20 years. The life span of thatch also depends upon the quality of the materials during installation.

The pitch of the roof-

The pitch or height of the thatch is one of the major factors that can affect the life span of your property. If the height of your property is low then moisture will retain within them thus shortening its life and if the height of the thatch is high then the wind speed can affect your property.

The geographical location in which thatch is installed-

The geographical location of your property that is the humidity, winds, rainfall of your locality also determines the life span of the thatch. High humidity will shorten the life of your thatched roof.

The proximity of trees,and other environmental considerations-

Thatched roofs under trees can decompose more quickly as the sugars dripping off them can help bacteria to breed. And these bacteria and pathogens growing in thatch deteriorate the quality of the materials and causes early decay of these materials leading to a shorter life span.Therefore it is recommended to install thatch roof in free spaces away from trees.

 Damage from vermin/birds-

The thatch roofs are an attractive area to birds and several insects. The thatched roof provides a natural place to many birds and several insects thus attracting them to make visits but if they became a regular visitor to your place it may cause leaking and loss to the property. Adding a net to the thatch by a professional Thatcher can enhance the life of your property.

The breath ability of the roof-

Breath ability or ventilation of the thatch is one of the essential factors which can affect life expectancy. Keeping your roof well ventilated so that it can dry out after rainfall easily. An experienced thatcher will recommend that your roof is kept out of the shade and shod be steep to a certain angle to prevent moss and algae growth.

The skill of the Thatcher-

An unskilled and inexperienced Thatcher while installing a thatch may damage the property unknowingly. And the damage leads to the early casualty of the thatch. While a skilled thatcher acknowledges all the factors before and during installing a thatch and provides you a quality service. So it is always preferred to go to a professional thatcher when you want to add thatch in your space.


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