Thatch roofs have been an ancient way to build roofs. Dried grass, straws, etc. are arranged properly to form a roof. This is one of the most eco-friendly ways to construct a roof.

Though roofs have evolved into innovative ideas since then, thatched roofs are still relevant and are aesthetically pleasing. A lot of resorts and hotels still use thatched roofs for their aesthetics and elegance. 

But Thatched roofs have got their own pros and cons. Other than its beauty, from durability to efficiency, thatched roofs don’t serve much of a purpose.

As thatch is an organic product, it is subjected to decay someday soon. Microorganisms and pests might enter the thatch and it will fall into destruction.

Thatching is an art and not everyone can do it effectively. So when it comes the time when thatches have to be changed it would be a difficult task. So in nutshell, thatching is a complex process. So the roofing techniques when evolved, it has been a great relief.

Also, thatched roofing has taken the great leap from simply natural thatch roofing to synthetic thatches or artificial thatches which compromises every cons of natural thatch roofs. They are durable, are of low maintenance, and look exactly like natural thatches.  

Still, the thatch roofing is pretty aesthetic. We can see its beauty when we plan a vacation in thatched-roof cottages or resorts. They are indeed beautiful.

Now a new trend has come, that is Thatch umbrellas. They are a wonderful hangout spot and adds beauty to any place.

KHW Solution will give you a complete insight into natural and synthetic thatch roofs.  

Thatched roofs are an amazing choice for umbrella shades. If it is a natural thatch, it will be extra beautiful per se. They are eco-friendly and easily available. Natural thatches are a perfect addition to a sunny day. However, as it is a natural product, it will decay eventually, and taking that chance isn’t sensible enough. Still, natural thatches themselves are a great choice for the thatch umbrellas.

Synthetic thatches are now very popular for many reasons. The primary ones are their durability and low maintenance. they look exactly like the natural thatches. Also is much efficient than the latter.

Synthetic thatches reduce the risks of destruction from insects and pests. Also, they last longer. 

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