Thatch roofing is something that we could see dominantly during the old days. From homes to buildings every roof was thatched. This was centuries ago and as we know by now, roofings have evolved in many ways. So we can say thatches are kind of extinct now. But the truth is that it has not completely extinct. Though we can’t see much of the thatch-roofed homes right now, there are plenty of resorts and hotels which has adapted to thatch roofing for aesthetic purposes. 

There are several reasons for these hotels and resorts to choose thatch roofing. Aesthetics is one of them. These thatch-roofs are also capable of giving tropical or vintage vibes. Especially when installed near beaches, it would be really great. 

Now it is not just on these resorts or hotels, thatch roofs are also popularly used in residences too. Thatch roofs have become a popular choice in renovation ideas of homes too. 

But before thinking of installing these there are several things to be thought about. KHW Solutions will help you guide through this.

Thatches, as we all know is a natural material. They are dried grass or straws arranged as a roof. But the problem is that as these thatches are an organic substance, they are subjected to decay someday or the other. Pests might cause its ruin and will cause you to change it often. Also, thatching is an art. Not everyone can do it perfectly enough for them to remain for some time. So changing the thatches frequently might come with so many difficulties. But it is quite obvious that these hotels and resorts won’t opt for this difficult way. Options don’t stop there and there is a clear backup for this. They are Synthetic thatches or artificial thatches. They will look exactly like the natural thatches. But is more efficient than them. The one main thing about these thatches is that their durability. They are long-lasting and wouldn’t rot like natural thatches. The pests won’t come and disturb its durability.

Another aspect of these natural thatches is that they are easy to install. Natural thatches aren’t easy to install. They require great effort compared to the Synthetic thatches. Meanwhile, Synthetic thatches come in different forms, like clippings and frames. This makes the Artificial thatches quite easy to install. 

Natural thatches besides getting ruined after a specific point of time, also catch fire easily. This invokes many risks. But the synthetic thatches come with fire-resisting properties. They wouldn’t catch fire and invokes risks like that of natural thatches. Another thing about artificial thatches is that its water-resisting proper. This property has made synthetic thatches preferable in water-theme parks. Also, the heat-resisting properties and when comparing with natural thatches is high. These properties make everyone choose synthetic thatches and artificial thatches over natural thatches.

The story of thatch roofs doesn’t stop there. Now the beauty of these thatch roofs has taken over the residential areas too. Gazebos, pergolas, pavilions, patios, etc. are some of the popular choices for backyard or gardens. Now, these constructions are being added a pinch of the beauty of the thatched roofs too. 

Thatched roof construction in the backyard gives a tropical ambiance to your own home. There are a number of options when it comes to these synthetic thatch roofs. Tiki huts, Bali huts, African reed thatches are only some of them

One main point about thatched a lot of people are choosing thatched roofs and there are a number of reasons for it. When we take up all the reasons to choose them, maybe the beauty and aesthetics only fall in the last of the lists. The quality, durability, expenses, maintenance, etc. are prime ones. In short, it is the main reason why thatched roofs are popularly preferred and are being chosen at homes too. 

When it comes to thatch roofs, thatched umbrellas are a popular choice.

The magic of thatched roofs in your backyard is that they will help to keep the place cooler. The heat passage in an artificial thatch roof is the prime reason for this. 

Now  roof creations doesn’t end there, rather, they are open-ended. You can find a gazillion ideas and customize those to fit into your plot or budget. For this, all you need is a good consultation and you are just one call away from it.      

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