Thatch roofs are aesthetic and beautiful and give a vintage look. 

Nowadays we don’t find as many thatch roofs as we could see back in time. But now thatched roofs are used for aesthetic purposes. We can find in hotels and resorts for the tropical vibes.    

Thatches are actually dried grass or straws. They are kept to form a roof. But the problem is that as it is an organic material, it is subjected to decay. Pests and insects might come inside and will cause its destruction. So natural thatches have to be changed frequently. Synthetic thatches and natural thatches are the perfect solutions for this. They not only serve the same aesthetics of natural thatches but also is more efficient and durable than them. 

KHW Solutions will give you an ultimate guide to different synthetic thatches and how to choose one that would fit your need.

Palm Thatches are of those which are quite popular and preferable. Aloha palm thatch, Viro palm thatch, Rio palm thatch etc. are some of the Palm thatches.

The appearance and structure of these palm thatches differ in terms of layers, materials etc. But they indeed create the tropical atmosphere and ambience, what we expect from natural thatches

These synthetic thatch roofs are surprisingly more durable. They are applicable for both indoor and outdoor uses. 

When we look into synthetic palm thatches, the more important thing to take into concern is their waterproof and fire-resistant qualities.    

Waterproofing is one of the important things to be taken care of when it comes to the external application. But synthetic thatches are designed to be waterproof.  

In external applications wind resistance also has to be considered. Mainly when we install this in a tropical place wind will be an issue. But the synthetic thatches are strong and durable and also can withstand strong climate conditions. 

Natural thatches can catch fire easily. But synthetic thatches can cancel that issue. They are fire-resistant and safe.

Synthetic thatches are now popularly preferred and chosen over natural thatches. They are durable, strong and easily maintainable. 

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