This method is a year-old and traditional method of roofing and is still in use because of its uniqueness and appealing view.

Here is an article providing you information about thatch roof and different types of material available for thatch roof.


Thatch roofing is a traditional method of roofing. Dried grass, straws, dried palm leaves, etc. are used for thatching. They provide us shade and make us feel close to nature. Inside these thatch, the warm air rises and goes out through the thatched roofing materials bypassing these materials, rather than being trapped inside thus providing relatively cooler shade than any other alternatives. This makes thatch roofs ideal for anything from garden umbrellas and tiki bars to picnic pagodas at theme parks.

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There are mainly two types of thatch

  1. Natural
  2. Synthetic


NATURAL THATCH- The materials used in natural thatch roofing are dry vegetation such as palm leaves, straws, and water reed that provides a natural roof covering. They are eco-friendly and require high maintenance and have a shorter life span in comparison to synthetic thatch as they can degrade faster than synthetic thatch. They are prone to pests and insects invasions.

SYNTHETIC THATCH- The material used in thatch roofs are high-density polyethylene (HDPE) which are prepared synthetically and are chemically inert and have greater tensile strength and high melting point. These properties of its constituents make it more durable and are responsible for longer life. They don’t require any maintenance and frequent renovation. They are resistant to pest invasion, chemicals, and fire. These qualities make it an ideal material for thatch roofing. The artificial palm leaves used in synthetic thatch roofing look similar to the natural ones.

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