The phrase “screening” applies to structures that do not totally enclose a lawn or patio. Bamboo screening requires a barrier or structure behind it to sustain its force because bamboo is far too flimsy to hold for itself without wooden beams. Bamboo screening can be built against every hardwood, cement, or barb wire fence in your backyard. If your house was surrounded by empty lots and now you see some new construction happening there, it’s time for you to put up some fencing for your privacy.

  Bamboo screening is often sold in eight-foot-long boards consisting of similar-sized culms tied together with a string or excellent quality jute strands. The wrapped panels can be utilised as fillers within a real wood foundation for convenient shipment. Panels could also be immediately added to the current timber fence. 


It’s indeed vital to use the quality of bamboo to use before establishing a bamboo fencing in order for the fencing to always be the right match for the boundaries of your property. Do not however forget to think about where you’ll lay your bamboo fence but also how you’ll install it. Would it matter if you put it near the house? Will it be in direct sunlight, in a moist climate, or in a dry, hard-soiled environment?

We’ll go through a few bamboo fence installation choices. From the following choices, you could pick the best choice for your property border:

Bamboo fence construction with wooden frame :

Bamboo fence installation on existing wood fence:

Bamboo screening installation on brick wall:


The demand for wood is increasing rapidly over the country, despite the fact that availability is becoming increasingly limited. Bamboo is often employed in substitute of wood as well as other extensively employed resources in building and related functions because because of its toughness and woody properties. Bamboo has various distinct characteristics, including the potential for growth quickly and generates a large harvest since it grows quickly. It may also be produced in large amounts at a cheaper cost, making it much more financially viable. It’s long-lasting, which means it’ll last you a long time. 

  Although bamboo is a plant, it has several properties comparable to those of wood. Bamboo frames can be sculpted, cut, and fabricated to achieve nearly wood-like finishing, while also feature dyes and external sealers. Furthermore, bamboo, like timber, is susceptible to cracking, nevertheless it preserves most of its toughness also when splits and cracks are considerable.

Bamboo is a sustainable and versatile material that is extremely lightweight and strong in comparison to other materials in its genre. As a result, it is extensively employed in a variety of project types, notably in residential villages. Carpets, trays, gadgets, paddles, headwear, conventional pastimes, musical equipment, and furnishings are all made from it. In addition, it’s being used to construct building elements such as pillars, ceilings, sidewalls, columns, floorboards, arches, and fencing. 



  Privacy barriers are a tried-and-true method of keeping nosy looks away from your residential area. However, there are a range of screening substances to pick from, which can be daunting for some. A bamboo privacy screen would be one of many alternatives, which is a common choice amongst households with small residential neighborhoods and well-kept gardens. Now you might think what are the advantages of using bamboo screening specifically. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Sustainable and affordable – Bamboo can be harvested pretty quickly which makes it cheaper than any other hardwood. It is one of the most fast-growing plants in the world, so it can grow back within 3 years and gives the plant a big advantage in terms of eco-friendliness.
  • Stronger and harder than wood – Although bamboo is a member of the grass family, its toughness is equivalent to that of hardwoods. Metals and cement have been used to compare it! Bamboo’s modular design and absence of knots provide this toughness. Bamboo is indeed pest-resistant because its strands naturally possess silica, which termites find difficult to ingest.
  • Versatile – You may be concerned that a privacy screen would stand out more from the rest of your outdoor décor. Bamboo screening, on the other hand, may mix in nicely within your garden, with a selection of colors, lengths, and frame sizes to select from. A bamboo privacy screen gives stunning scenery and richness on its own, with just a little additional modification, it will become the focal point of your garden. Consider replacing it with wooden fencing, putting up a wooden framing around it, or using laser-cut panels.
  • Easy to install – Bamboo privacy shields are surprisingly easy to install! Everything you should do to use such a foldable privacy fence is spread it. You simply unfold and connect a rollout privacy fence to a framework or a preexisting wall if you pick this option. Depending upon the nature of the screen, you will only need one weekend to complete the task.
  • Low maintenance – Considering routine care, bamboo privacy screening can last up to 20 years. To minimize erosion, simply spray this with transparent protection to restrict this from coming into contact with the ground. But do not be concerned if your screen breaks or corrodes in very few areas; this is a natural result of aging and could even contribute to the structure’s unique beauty. Unless you want to repair the tone of your display, you could always just apply a bamboo stain.

Whatever substance or design you choose, you’ll tell you’ve got a good screen if it’s useful, long-lasting, and elegant all at the same time.

If you have a very mesmerizing landscape or a big garden and it has no decorative accessories of any sort, you have come to the right spot. We will provide you with all the necessary ideas and resources to help reach your satisfaction and give a natural yet beautiful focal point to your backyard or garden. It could be thatch roofing, gazebos or pavilionsbamboo fencing, and many more such services, we are here to give you the best quality and feel. 

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