Now as the world is changing, the number of environmental concerns has risen as a result of the government, municipalities, and environmentalists grappling with the challenge of how to recycle these Coke bottles. As you probably know, people create 3 million tonnes of plastic waste each year, which is an enormous amount that is just hard to dispose of. We, KHW, have come up with a wonderful idea for how we can utilize these plastic bottles in thatching, which is even more effective than the natural thatch roofing.

There are various reasons why you should reuse recycled     Soda bottles instead of natural thatch roofing:

It is resilient in any season; you do not need to be concerned if these polymers are not resistant to altering weather. During severe rains, these recycle coke bottle thatches shields you from the rainwater as well as the loud noises made by raindrops striking droplets on the roof.

During hot summers, it helps to lower your inside house temperature and make you feel more peaceful than outside. However, in the case of a natural one, the inside house temperature is the same as the outside temperature.

It also protects against mosquitoes, birds, and other pests.

How are these Coke recycled plastic bottles transformed into thin sheets?

The tops and bottoms of these recycle coke bottles are removed, and the remaining body of the bottle is flattened and cut into strips.

Using ultrasonic sealing equipment, the strips are then bonded to a cross-strip. If you’ve ever cut yourself while wrangling with a device covered in clam-shell plastic, you understand how effective ultrasonic sealing is.

Plastic thatch combines the waterproof properties of tin with the ventilation properties of thatch. It enables light to pass through yet muffled sound. Depending on the bottle combinations, it can come in several colors.

It is composed of local waste materials and will offer a living by manufacturing, marketing, and installing roofs that are projected to last a decade or more.

The strips may also find usages in the industrialized world, such as fences and greenhouses. And, thankfully, there are enough abandoned bottles for everyone in the world. If you wish to help the environment by purchasing these plastic thatch roofs, please contact KHW solutions and become a part of this positive thing for the environment.

 KHW is well-known for producing high-quality results and will work with you to provide a tranquil environment. Our team has collaborated to do incredible things for the good of society.

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