KHW Solutions provides commercial-grade Tahitian thatch in a range of materials, giving you the freedom to create mood and feel wherever you need it. Their products, whether used as an awning, barbecue area, umbrella, tiki bar, or thatch wall covering, have the remarkable ability to endure sun, rain, and wind while providing excellent insulation.

We offer low-cost bundle packages that include four pre-assembled panels that are ready for installation. Each panel is three feet long and two feet tall. We now sell Thatch Safe, a fire retardant and sealer designed specifically for thatch. This application will make your Tahitian thatch resistant to fire and pests.


Tahitian thatch is an environmentally beneficial, recyclable material that is reasonably priced for the customer. This renewable resource, like bamboo, may be collected repeatedly without harming the tree from which the leaves grow. Palm trees thrive in tropical locations all over the world and require less water and care than other traditional wood-yielding resources. Thatch materials may be placed by hand, eliminating the need for hazardous chemicals or heavy gear.

A distinctive feature of Tahitian thatch

Tahitian thatch may be used in a variety of indoor and outdoor applications. Customers typically utilize KHW solutions thatches as roofing to enhance their external environment.

To create a water-resistant shade, cover the following buildings with layers of Tahitian thatch:

❖ Gazebos

❖ Sheds

❖ Umbrellas

❖ Covered decks

❖ Pavilions

❖ Overhangs

❖ Treehouses

❖ Tiki bars

If you plan on using Tahitian palm thatch outside, remember to seal it to keep it in excellent condition. Certain businesses may be obliged to use a sealant coating to comply with fire regulations. Check any municipal or building codes before decorating with these thatches.

Where to buy thatch roofing in India?

There are several thatch providers in India, and then you might approach any of them, but we KHW solutions are the best and most well-known for our services. We have a trained and experienced team that can assist you in selecting the ideal gazebos for your gardens while also creating a tranquil atmosphere. We realize that designing a tropical-themed room necessitates extensive planning and product selection. We will always give you a low-cost design to assist you to keep inside your budget. KHW is a vision-driven firm that aspires to be one-of-a-kind in its approach.

The firm acts as a worldwide inventory for its consumers, offering to satisfy their demands on time and in any place. Our thatch sealer is especially recommended for Tahitian thatch that will be used in a damp or humid area.

KHW Solutions has partnered with a diverse group of specialists to install these amazing plastic thatches in a controlled environment before Tahitian delivery and installation on-site. KHW is well-known for producing high-quality results and will work with you to provide a tranquil environment. Our team has collaborated to do incredible things for the good of society.

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