“If you have a pest problem, from birds ripping out straws to mice in the attic, please remember that you are not alone,” We can assist you in selecting the appropriate synthetic thatch for your roof. We devised a remedy in response to people’s complaints about birds, squirrels, rats, mice, spiders, booklice, mites, cockroaches, and flies penetrating their thatched roofs.


Pine martins and wasps are among the most common pests reported by thatching service providers online. The only method to cope with the problem of natural thatch roofs getting infected with these birds, animals, and insects is to have pest management performed regularly. KHW Solutions synthetic thatch has the appearance and feels of real thatch, without the bugs. Natural thatch eventually costs more than our roofs, frequently within five years. Pest management may be a source of frustration for company owners, as well as code breaches and health concerns. We wanted to discover a low-maintenance alternative to natural thatch, and we did. Furthermore, KHW Solution synthetic thatch roofs are backed by a 20-year warranty against rot, decay, UV damage, and color fading.


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Our company’s goal has always been to make our environment less polluted and more sustainable.


KHW is a specialist in this field, and we have customers from all across India. We believe in providing high-quality items to our customers.

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