Beach-sides and hilly areas were few major spots for resorts. Beach-side resorts give us the whole tropical vibes and resorts in hilly areas are equally beautiful. 

Every tourist wishes to spend their holidays in some luxurious resorts. So these resorts primarily aim at these tourists. But not just the tourists, natives also prefer to spend their vacation in these resorts

When pandemics started to hit hard and people lost their access to tourism, a new trend came; staycation. That is, spending time in some resorts and utilizing every entertainment they have to offer. 

Mostly every resort has a spa, swimming pool, cycling, etc. This makes resorts more than a mere place to stay.

Resorts provide every luxury of a holiday. This makes the place preferable for everyone who is looking forward to spending a holiday. 

Resorts allow us to spend time close to nature as major resorts are constructed close to nature. 

The resorts or hotel business as a whole is one of the fastest-growing businesses in the country. It flourished even in midst of pandemics as staycations became a trend and people were fed up of getting locked at home and looked forward to a mini holiday that too safely. 

When it comes to sustainable resorts to choose from in the country, there are quite a lot of options available. 

Banasura hill resort, located in Wayanad of Kerala is one such. The mud walls are one important thing about this resort. This gives a rustic feel and can make anyone feel close to nature. This is one of the sustainable resorts available right now. 

‘The Park’ in Hyderabad is one of India’s famous hotels primarily known for the LEED gold certification. The resort got brilliant architecture that makes it a famous and sustainable option around the country right now.

The ITC Group offered the best sustainable resort in Bangalore. 

Greenberg resort at Idukki Kerala is one of the beautiful resorts located amidst the greenery of Idukki. The fire-resistant, waterproof, and heat insinuating thatched roofs are the highlight of this resort.

Last but not the least, ‘The Leela Palace’, New Delhi which is famous around the country would come in the primary list of the countries most sustainable resorts.     

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