The pandemic has made us realize the importance of having beautiful outdoor spaces. There are so many creative ways to install things like GazebosPergolas, or Pavilions in your garden or yards.

Gazebos are small buildings installed in gardens, most of the time. They are constructed in an elevated space to get a full view of the space. In the case of materials and types of roofs, Gazebos has evolved into different forms and architecture. They can be freestanding or attached to the garden.

Pergolas are one of the most popular outdoor setup or garden setups. They are more like a walkway. Traditionally Pergolas had horizontally placed wooden planks as the roofs. They have space to place plants and vines around them to make them a perfect addition to the garden.

Pavilions are somewhat the same but are a different setup. They are just plain shelters mainly used for recreational purposes.  

There are so many ways to create a dreamy space in your yards or garden. They will help you create a wonderful recreational place in your very home itself.

KHW Solution will help you discover more such ideas.    

Gazebos are typically either hexagonal or octagonal. Other than that, pyramidical, dome, or classic circular structured roofs are also relevant.

When it comes to Pergolas, they are horizontally placed planks with space in between them. Pavilions mostly have plain shade structures.

The new architectural innovations have come along and these shade structures have evolved into creative ways.

The Gazebo roofs have evolved from typical octagonal or hexagonal to curvilinear, double-decked, and hip roofs. 

These roof structures can be applied to pavilions too.

Solar roofs are also a much-preferred one and can be of long-term usage.

Thatched roofs or roofs covered with vines can be used for PergolasGazebos, and Pavilions.

Louvered roofs are one of the technological advancements that have been introduced in which we can remote control the space between the roofs so that we can let the sunrise if we want and close when it rains.  

Roofs can also be customized according to our wishes and ideas.

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