African Reed Thatch 

African reed thatch is a native of Africa and is the most versatile and eco-friendly roofing solution. Want a tropical feeling just by sitting at home? Well, African Reed thatch can fulfill your wish as it has the tendency of giving a tropical look to your house or any other structure. This type of roofing is most typically used to cover gazebos, umbrellas, and Tiki’s hut but you can apply innovative ideas also for creating your own unique space!


  • African reed thatch is weather resistant which makes it the best choice for an outdoor structure. African reed thatch provided by khw solutions is weather resistant which makes it durable for many years and keeps your home warm in winters and cool in summers.
  • It’s environmentally friendly.
  • Doesn’t attract pests and mold.
  • Its versatility makes it a great choice for investing you can make any structure from it be it African reed thatch tiles, thatch umbrellas, tiki huts, or gazebos. If you own a resort or restaurant African reed thatch can be a great and attractive investment. The solutions can provide the African thatch you need to get it built.

Asian Reed thatch

Asian reed thatch is made from traditional Asian grass, which gives it an exotic look of ancient Asia. Plus point about it is that it can be laid directly over an existing roof structure, whether it is wooden panels, Asphalt shingles, metal sheeting, or any other finished paneling. It is the most affordable and long-lasting solution with easy Maintenance.

  • Its color doesn’t fade with time.
  • Can be applied on the existing roof also.
  • Fire Resistant
  • Low maintenance
  • Gives a traditional look.

Both African and Asian Reed thatch has many different qualities but one thing that is common is both have low maintenance and give your property a unique look. Whether you want to select African or Asian Reed thatch, KHW solutions will provide you best thatch roof. You can call us at +919148584281 or visit our website KHW solutions

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