Pergola was in use since Roman Times, where they used to build it in their gardens, way back then they were built from stone, brick, and wood. Architects used to build pergolas in the Italian Renaissance which mic the villas of Imperial Rome. With time people started becoming more creative and chose outdoor spaces, which leads to a more innovative garden structure that combines various elements to suit the individual requirement. You can customize your pergola however you like. 

Pergola’s most beneficial point is that it increases living space and also the amount of time you can spend outside. During winters, you can enjoy bright sunshine in your pergola. You will also be amazed by knowing that pergola also helps in increasing market value to any house because of the craze of building amazing outdoor space. 

KHW solutions have some great pergola design ideas for you. 


Contemporary Designs 

With the right pergola, the contemporary look of your backyard will be complete. Here are some contemporary pergola designs:


Climbers and pergola are a deadly and soothing combo! You can attach climbers to beams or pillars on the side and some wisteria shrubs and dainty flowers on the top which will create a scenario like flora land. 

Beach resort look 

Can’t go to beach resorts? no problem, you can bring the aesthetic of a beach resort to your home. This pergola shades the sitting area and wide space in between giving it an expensive look. You can also add a wooden table and chairs along with curtains if you want to set a romantic mood.

Thatched Roof cover

This pergola is covered with a thatch roof in arched shape and the open wicker furniture will give you the feel of an island, and for further enhancing the look, you can add tropical plants like potted palms, birds of paradise, orchids, or plumber.  

Kitchen Pergola  

Not only you can use pergola in gardens but in any outdoor area for shelter or for more functional use such as the kitchen. For adding a twist to your property what about an outdoor kitchen. This pergola completes the look of an Outdoor Kitchen and is safe and cool. During a party, this can be an area of attraction for your guest and can also be converted into an open bar.


Classic Pergola Roof design

Sometimes it’s worth going for something extra like installing etched roof screens which will bring a modern vibe and make the outdoor area stand out. 

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