If you are a person who enjoys relaxing in the tropics and wants to create an island theme in your living or commercial space then all you need is to add a palapa to your space.

KHW delivers premium quality products by fulfilling the highest industry standards to ensure that you get the best quality palapas. We welcome you to browse and search through our large selection of palapa umbrellas and tiki thatch rolls to build your own tropical oasis in your residential or commercial area.


Palapa is a popular traditional Mexican shelter with a roof made using palm leaves or branches. It is also known as grass thatched umbrellas or grass umbrellas. Palapa umbrellas are generally made from rustic tropical pinewood poles. The primary function of this structure is to provide shade. Though, in suburban America, they are a prominent structure that is used to add a tropical setting to nearly any outdoor living environment.

 About our Beautiful Palapa Thatch Umbrellas.

Best designs-

Our premium products can easily bring you to an island paradise. This is the reason why our palapa and thatch products are in great demand and are often used in beach resorts, open-air restaurants, pools, tiki huts and bars, resorts, and also in residential homes.


The products we use are hand-picked and are undergone several quality checks to provide you a product with high durability. The palapa DIY kits we offer have been designed using 100% authentic materials and have been built to withstand harsh environmental factors.

Give casual ambiance to your property

The products not only provide you an aesthetic look because of their design, but are also highly functional, and can efficiently provide shade which is one of the major reasons behind its installation and easily enhance the relaxed ambiance of your living space.

A wide number of size options to choose from and provide safety from fire

Palapa thatched umbrellas that we provide are fire retardant thus make it safer for installation at home or commercial places. These Palapas are available in numerous sizes.

Long life span

We provide Palapa with an excellent lifespan and durability. In dry environments with little rainfall, these palapa umbrellas can last nearly five to seven years or even more.Our products can easily add luxury and style statements to your restaurant or pool area.


KHW is a one-stop solution for all your needs. We are providing you a wide range of beautiful collections of Palapas, Synthetic thatch roofs,and various other products.

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