Gazebos are one of the most popular backyard design ideas. It is a type of pavilion that is partially closed. They are small confined spaces, which can be Octagonal or Hexagonal.

But before planning to build a Gazebo in your yard, there are few aspects like space, that are to be considered. Other than that, KHW Solutions is here to introduce you to the different materials that can be used to build a Gazebo.


Metal Gazebo

In metals, Aluminum is one of the most widely used materials to build a Gazebo. Its lightweight and cost-worthy nature itself is one of the qualities which supports this purpose. Other



than Aluminium, steel is also used and it is more durable. Metal Gazebos are great for the fact that it doesn’t need any maintenance and is perfect to place in the backyard.



Wooden Gazebo


No matter what is to be built, wood obviously adds beauty to it. So there is nothing more to talk about Wooden Gazebos. They


give an elegant look to Gazebo. To make it more efficient it might need more materials, still, it would be worth all the cost coming from the additional materials.

Bamboo Gazebo


Bamboo Gazebo is one of the most affordable Gazebo, as it can be built from natural supplies. It can give us a beach-vacay vibe.


But as it is made from bamboo, it cannot be relied on every weather and might require more maintenance.


These are just a few innovative ideas to build a Gazebo. 

So, if you are looking for wooden gazebo suppliers, metal gazebo manufacturers or bamboo gazebo suppliers reach out to KHW Solutions or call us at +91914858428. We will help you choose and buy the right one for you; from anywhere across the world.

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