When you see a Gazebo, Pergola, Pavilion, or a Marquees or Patio design, it will obviously make you want to have one. But it is a common misconception that these setups are expensive, not practical and is difficult to have. But the answer is definitely a no. Anybody can have these at home. You are like a step away from making your home a dreamy place. With the help of KHW Solutions, anything is possible.   

When the pandemic started to hit us and when we were compelled to spend most of the time at home, we understood the necessity of having a welcoming space at the very home itself. After a tiring day, everybody wishes to spend some time alone in a peaceful space. At the same time, nobody would really prefer to travel somewhere for a vacation. This is why we can say it would be amazing to use our gardens and yards productively by using it for backyard design ideas. There are a number of ideas that we can customize according to our wish, budget and availability of space. The only thing we need to do is to listen to KHW Solutions for the best idea.   

Let’s primarily explore what does a Gazebo and Marquees stands for.

Gazebos are basically small buildings constructed in a little elevated space typically in the backyards or gardens. It is an enclosed space with a small opening as the entrance. Gazebos have been generally hexagonal or octagonal. But the innovations have brought up and unique designs like a pyramidical, dome, plain circular, curvilinear etc. have been implemented.

Seating setups inside the Gazebos can also vary. We can add normal chairs, or cushions or turn them into any spot like a home theatre or a kitchen. Kitchen Gazebos are quite popular now. Adding a grill area attached to the kitchen like an extension, like that of a Patio can turn your Gazebo into a Party spot.    

Gazebos can be constructed with bamboo, wood or metal. Wood Gazebos are classy. That doesn’t mean metal and bamboos aren’t worth it. Bamboo Gazebos gives a tropical vibe. It is apt to give a vintage look. Metal gazebos will also look great. 

Choosing the materials you want to construct your Gazebos completely depends on your choice. Since these materials have things to do with your climate, durability and budget, they can be selected according to our own wishes. 

Marquees are a very popular décor idea.  Be it a party or a wedding, Marquees is a very popular event set up. Gazebos are known for being a perfect recreational spot, while, Marquees hosts perfect events. 

Marquees give space to conduct a private party and for its versatility and flexibility, any type of event at any space can be conducted without much difficulty.  

Marquees might seem to be a limited option, but the truth is it isn’t. There are various varieties of Marquees that can be used for any event. Stretch tents can be used for unofficial small events which doesn’t need much space. Chinese Hat marquees can be used as a decorative entrance, ideally for garden parties. For vintage theme parties, traditional pole Marquees can be used. Then there are Frame Tent Marquees, flexible for any event and House extension Marquees. We can choose our Marquees according to the nature of our events.  

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