2020 was an odd year. The world was shaken by the pandemic and suddenly some of our wildest dreams in childhood came true. ( a six-month vacation). While that wasn’t the case for everybody, a lot of us suddenly got a lot of time in our hands. To make Dalgona coffee, to binge tv series, movies and to do bring out some refreshing ideas, stacked away thinking you will never have the time to do it. Even in 2021, with some free time, thinking and planning, you could change the look of your home. We checked out some DIY ideas for your gardens and gazebos. Gazebos being a small outhouse-like structure in your garden gives you a plethora of options to unleash your inner artist and make your gardens and, gazebos, more colorful and cheerful.

Why You Should Build a Gazebo?

You might think gazebos are only made in parks and why to bother making one at home. But it is a good addition to your backyard as more people make gazebos in their garden as a place to unwind, for kids to play and a place in your yard to host small parties and to enjoy the beauty of nature during winds, rain, and harsh suns. You don’t need to be perturbed if you have a small garden. Being a DIY project you could make adjustments and make a small gazebo with some adjustments. 

7 DIY Ideas for Gazebos

Winter Retreat Gazebo

A base proves to be an important thing as it decides the shape of the gazebo. A traditional gazebo has the base being the outline and uses to decide the shape of the roof. You can play around with the structure of the base, making octagonal, small bases depending on your use. If your home is at a place with regular winters, you could change the base of the gazebo into a fire pit in the middle with swinging benches attached to the pillars. It’s a cool idea to provide a warm outhouse in winter

Garden Gazebo

If your yard or garden is small, don’t get discouraged that you can’t make a gazebo there. Make a small base according to your garden, put a table in the middle, with floating benches around. You can add color to your gazebo or add some nice flowers on the pillars to make the design fresh. If you are planning on a garden gazebo, add additional plants in hanging pots. 

Retreat Gazebo

This is a bigger, complex design. This is designed as a place for you to ease up. You could go and read a book, enjoy your evening chai, relax with your loved ones or friends there. Or sit back and enjoy the sunset, the breeze, or the rain. Put some fairy lights, breezy curtains on your gazebo to set the mood. Arrange some chairs and a table to relax.

Classic Gazebo

Nothing beats a classic touch. Get stiped looking gazebo with edged fringe tops. Add complementing deck chairs and cushions. Then sit back and relax. It also gives a British aesthetic to take your favorite book and read, set up the Bluetooth speaker for a chilling music session.

Thatched Roof Gazebo

This is a permanent structure, so you have to do some shopping rather than DIY. Also use this structure if you have ample space, as it is not a smaller option. Thatch roof provides a rustic look and a sturdy roof option. The Big plus point is most of them have bench seats and a table. It can take in 10 adults, so it is good to have small get-togethers and parties. The hexagonal-shaped gazebo gives a good enclosed feeling and uses the space well.

Net and Curtained Gazebo 

Add a stylish mosquito net to the gazebo if your place is well, little mosquito friendly. If you have a good garden, some of the flowers attract mosquitoes, so either you could do some measures to keep them out or add a mosquito net or curtain for protection. There are some elegant-looking options and they let in air and light and gives the gazebo a playful look. 

Double the fun

This is slightly weird. You buy two gazebos, put them against each other and create a larger structure. The gazebo models should be the ones for free-standing or the ones used over the entrance of the house. The bigger structure makes a good option for parties and get-togethers. You can change the look and ambiance using colored lanterns. Add tuffet and utility for usage. 

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