But nowadays, it has become more of a trend to build landscapes that celebrates nature. To bring out something that can connect with nature is the new way to build back the connection with nature. Thatch roofings we see around resorts and homestays are one such.

Thatches are dried grass or straws arranged accordingly to form a roof. It has been an ancient roofing technique. But as thatch is an organic product, it is subjected to decay eventually. So thatches are supposed to change often which is not an easy thing as thatching is an art. Thatching has been done by skilled people back then and it requires certain skills to thatch roofs.

Synthetic thatches or artificial thatches are the best choices to substitute natural thatches. They don’t decay or fall for destruction rather stay as a strong roof with all the aesthetics of natural thatch. 

KHW Solutions can guide you through the wonderful and best synthetic thatches available in town.  

Synthetic Thatches have a lot of advantages. Durability and maintenance are some of the important things. Unlike natural thatches, there is no need to change synthetic thatches often. Also, synthetic thatches are easy to arrange.

They are also designed in a way to give good fire safety, unlike natural thatches. They are stylish and are good at heat insulation.

There are varieties of synthetic thatches available in the market right now. Most of them are of high quality and maintenance-free and cost-effective.

Thatches give a tropical vibe and most importantly make people feel close to nature. Now thatches are the best choice for beach resorts and gazebos.  

Thatched roofs Gazebos and pavilions are also popular. One of the main reasons for this popularity of synthetic thatches is their natural and authentic look. 

It is more like going back to the roots and experiencing the magic of the elegance of oldness.  

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