The Pergolas

Pergolas are indeed a beautiful addition to your outdoor spaces. They are one of those spectacular outdoor décor ideas. 

Pergolas are garden features that create a shaded passageway or sitting area. They are built of vertical posts or pillars supporting sturdy open lattices and woody vines, or they can be built as an extension of a building.

In garden design, a pergola forms a shaded walkway, passageway, or sitting area. Pergolas typically consist of vertical posts or columns that support beams and latticework, which is usually hung with woody vines.

To put it out in simple words, Pergolas are nothing but a different type of Gazebo. But when compared with the traditional Gazebo, they differ a lot in structure. Especially on the roofs.

Roofs of Pergolas are ideally horizontal planks. That is, it is not typically fully covered roofs. Rather it will have space for sunlight to enter. This makes Pergolas a perfect walkway. We can also see different plants twined around the walls of Pergolas which gives us the feeling of being close to nature.

Pergolas are beautiful and aesthetic and are widely preferred chill-out and refreshing spaces. 

An attached pergola forms a shaded walkway, passageway, or sitting area, usually with vertical posts or pillars that support a sturdy open lattice, generally over which climbing vines are trained. It may be an extension of the building also.

An arbor or pergola is a garden structure that forms a sheltered walkway, passageway, or sitting area built of upright vertical posts and clad with barbed wire and open lattice, often with the aid of woody vines trained upon it.

KHW Solutions will give you a perfect insight into Pergolas and different Pergola ideas for your spaces.

What is actually a Pergola?

Pergolas are not any stiff solid building. Rather it can be constructed as a loose installation with both roofs and sides as planks. It is also possible to customize the whole idea of Pergolas or to club the Pergolas with Gazebos, Patios, or anything, like giving it a Pergola walkway. 

Columns, Beams and Rafters, etc. are a few factors used in Pergolas. Stringers or Purlins and Ledger Boards are meanwhile the optional factors.

Typically, a pergola is constructed by attaching posts or columns to concrete footings that extend below the frost line, but the rafters (made of plain or decorated beams) provide a secure structure. 

Wood is the classic material used to build Pergolas. Other than that, Steel, Aluminium, Vinyl, Concrete, etc. are the other materials used to build a Pergola.

Pergolas are built with posts and columns that are attached to concrete footing below the frost line. The frame of the pergola can take many forms in order to provide a strong structure, but the roof (made from plain or decorative wood beams) is the most prominent part.

Balcony Pergolas and much more!

Pergolas can be constructed as both freestanding or attached. Arched Pergola, Louvered Pergola, Awning Pergola, etc. are major Pergola designs. 

The type, material, or the other factors of the Pergolas can be decided according to our wish and nature of the ambiance. KHW Solutions will help you with this.

Though ultimately Pergolas are made for gardens or yards, Pergola will also look super perfect at terraces and balconies too. 

Balcony Pergolas offers better privacy when considering it as a place to chill out. Balcony Pergolas can be constructed in several ways. Eating space and recreational space are just two of them. 

Along with the horizontal planks, vertical planks can also be added to fulfill the aesthetics of the Pergolas

It’s a form of gazebo that connects vertical posts or pillars to form a shaded walkway, pathway, or sitting area. As an extension of a house, it may also incorporate open fretwork woven of wood.

Pergolas as an extension to the balcony are also a super idea. With this, there are two advantages. One is that you get a space which allows you to pass the sunlight and the second one is that, as it is an extension to the balcony, much of the rain is not gonna affect the place.  

We can also grow and flourish our balcony garden to make our Pergola designs more beautiful. 

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