Thatches; Past and the Present 

Thatches have been a usual view in the past. From houses to buildings every structure was thatched roofs. But later on, it evolved into many other innovations. 

In the face of increasing awareness about the vernacular materials and styles of particular regions, conservationists have realized that it is important to preserve and even return to historically correct thatching styles and materials.

The local authorities actively discourage the use of ‘foreign’ materials in any alterations to a listed building, and in any case, a listed building consent is required to alter a listed building. Grants for repairs and re-thatching are often dependent on compliance with thatched regulations.

Thatches actually make a really nice setup but several drawbacks make it a poor choice. But that is the case of Natural ones and other options are available to rectify it. 

Thatches are actually dried grass or straws arranged in proper order in a frame. They form a roof. A surprising factor is that they will stay strong for the time being. 

The natural thatches, as it is an organic product, it is subjected to decay. Pests and other insects might come inside and it will cause these thatches destruction. So changing thatches often would be the only option. But this option isn’t as simple as it sounds. Thatching is an art and not everyone can master or even reach near it. The story of thatches goes on like that.

Artificial and Synthetic thatches solved all these problems plus adds some additional features to them.   

Where are Thatch roofs now?

We can’t see many thatched roofs homes now. Or we may not see any. Roofing techniques have evolved so much. But we can see thatched roof structures in hotels and resorts. Thatched roofs can give tropical and vintage vibes which adds to the aesthetics of the place.     

The Synthetic thatches

Water-proof, Fire-resisting properties, and Heat insulation, etc. are some of the properties Synthetic thatches offer. Natural thatches catch fire easily, gets wet and ruin, and also will make the whole atmosphere hot. But synthetic thatches aren’t like these.

KHW Solutions and Palmex India can guide you through the effective uses of Synthetic Thatches.    

The natural thatches catch fire easily. It is prone to danger. Living under such a thatch roof is quite a risk. Synthetic thatches minimize or completely terminate this risk. 

Synthetic thatches and artificial thatches have been widely used in water theme parks nowadays. It is for their waterproof properties.

There is a misconception that Synthetic thatches make the atmosphere really hot. But the Synthetic and Artificial thatches are good at heat insulations.  

UV Protection is also available in Synthetic Thatches. When an excess amount of sunlight falls in the thatches, they will lose their color and quality. But synthetic thatches have UV Protection which stops this and protects them from excess sunlight. This makes Synthetic thatches preferable to 

Fire resistance and Synthetic thatches

Now almost every synthetic thatch and artificial thatches come with fire resistance properties. This has made these Synthetic thatches much popular among everyone and is being popularly used for every purpose. Fire resisting properties has made everyone choose Synthetic thatches over natural thatches. 

If you are planning to install Synthetic thatches which can give you the ultimate protection from Fire, Sun, and water and to roof your perfect place, be it your residence or commercial building, what you need is a good company that will sell you quality products. If you are looking for one, then Palmex India and KHW Solutions would the perfect choice.   

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