But as thatch is an organic substance, it is subjected to decay after a certain time. So it has to be changed frequently. And this would be really difficult as thatches need to be changed every often.

Though the roofs have evolved into so many forms since then, the aesthetics and beauty of thatched roofs remain unmatched. Thus was introduced Synthetic thatch, to be as beautiful as natural thatch and to remain effectively and perfectly.    

Synthetic thatches are quite popular right now. Nowadays thatched roofs are a retreat in resorts and hotels. They create tropical vibes, especially in seaside hotels and resorts.

KHW Solutions will give you a complete and perfect idea of thatched roofs and the cost comparison.

Synthetic Thatches are more cost-effective than Natural thatches. That is, natural thatches have to be changed frequently, meanwhile synthetic thatches will stay for a longer time. They are aesthetically pleasing and beautiful.

Another thing about synthetic thatches is that it is quite easy to handle. As mentioned earlier traditional thatching has been considered an art. It required great skill to do thatching and it was nothing lesser than an artistic experience. Not everyone could do it properly and easily. If we are adopting the same naturally thatched roof practices now also, it would be of great difficulty. In that case, we can undoubtedly say that synthetic thatches are the perfect substitute. They are beautiful and look exactly like natural thatches. Other than that it is easy to place and change. Handling synthetic thatches is an easy thing and almost everyone can do it.

Nowadays hotels and resorts have adapted to this thatched roofs style to bring the tropical and vintage feels. Synthetic thatches are quite popular now and are being used in so many places.

When we take both synthetic thatches and natural thatchesnatural thatches might seem like the right choice. But the truth is considering the cost and other aspects synthetic thatches are the effective choice. 

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