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Why Synthetic Thatch?

Nowadays, thatch roofing practice is in trend. They are installed in restaurants, hotels, boutiques, and bars to achieve the desired minimal look. They deliver relatively cooler shade than any other options available for roofing which makes thatch roofs ideal for anything from garden umbrellas, gazebo, and tiki bars to picnic pagodas.

And among all the options available for thatching, people nowadays are opting for synthetic thatch because of its properties and qualities.

Factors that make synthetic thatch best available option

Synthetic thatch provides some extremely beneficial properties which contribute to making it the best option for the material used in that hung. These properties are acquired due to the use of high-density polyethylene(HDPE) that is used to make synthetic thatch. Some of the properties which make them best for you are-

●       Eco friendly

●       Low maintenance

●       Suitable for all-weather

●       Safety from fire

●       Worthy one-time investment

How Thatch materials are waterproof?

Many reasons make the thatch roofs waterproof. Some of these reasons include:

●       For all the properties where we use thatch for rooftop, we made it steeper, this ensures that the rain droplets can easily glide off from the roof. This is done in a short period of time and thus the drops fall without penetrating through the materials.

●        Thatch roofing is done by layering the materials one over the other thus the roof is not made from a single layer of thatch. Due to this layering, the water drops are not able to penetrate through all the layers and causing any leakage.

●       HDPE used in synthesizing the materials for synthetic thatch is waterproof. It is used in making plastic chairs, toys, and pipes. This water repellent property of the HDPE helps the small water droplets to join and adhere and then rolling down through the roof.

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