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Isn’t it sounding fascinating to turn a corncrib into a gazebo! If you are thinking that is it an achievable goal then you are hearing it right this is possible and not only it is possible but also it makes your backyard look aesthetic and pleasing.

Corncrib is basically a  structure and a type of granary that is used to store and dry corn. You can turn these granaries into a space for your sitting and enjoying summer’s evening and one can also use it for celebrating small functions like birthdays or anniversaries.

Turning corncrib into a gazebo need a lot of planning and labor to achieve the desired design but all the hard work is worth the result you get.

First of all the corncrib is cut down to a certain as its original pitch is quite lengthy. Then you need to use angle iron and cable clamps to tie the corncrib down on a wooden deck. Inside them, you can add chairs for sitting purposes and can decorate them with lights and other elements using your creativity.

You can grow plants outside the mesh of the corn crib. Overall after completing and turning the corncrib into a gazebo you can enjoy the beauty of Nature.

KHW solution helps you in dealing with all your problem regarding setting up your backyard structure like a gazebo and provide other services like thatch roof. We have professional teams to offer you the best professional work and giving you quality service to achieve your dream design for your residential or commercial space.

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