Here are some suggestions from our side which you should keep in mind before building seaside resort  Prevention is better than cure  

Building a resort on land and at the seaside is a completely different thing. Building a seaside resort cares about risk and you should be aware of the local building regulations. There are much more rules and regulations for a seaside building like a safe distance from the sea and how equipped you are for any calamities. Calamities and disasters are back talks but you should also keep in mind the security of your guest, you should have a  patrolling staff and lifeguards for preventing any casualty.  

Weather is the king  

It’s important for you to choose building materials that bear not just one season, but every weather change in the coastal environment. The coastal climate is harsh then landlocked location humidity, uncertain weather, heavy rainfall, saltiness in the air is all the devil that you have to fight with you are thinking of making a seaside resort. Even wood need to take proper care of, your metal can corrode due to humidity and astonishing heat which will make the building warmer. That’s why you always hire an expert before building a resort or selecting building material so that you can select appropriate building material.  

Construct a strong structure  

As already said any structure you are making close to the ocean or sea should be built at a proper distance from it as per the locality law. With distance, you should keep in mind what structure you want for your resort which is again strongly unsafe that it can bear harsh weather of the coastal area and not only structure electronic Applicance should also be water and humid proof.  

Go green  

If you are making a resort never forget to spice it up with natural touch. Plant tropical plants so that they can prevent the absorption of heat in your building. Never forget to provide your guest a wide relaxing and walking area, you can also use a palmex synthetic roof which is environment friendly and have a life span of at least 50 years.  

If you are planning on making a resort or beachside resort and looking for a green roofing solution Palmex synthetic thatch can be your answer. 

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