Putting off replacing your new roof can be detrimental to your space. Whether it is a hotel, resort, or residential property, your infrastructure’s longevity depends on how well it is protected from natural elements. 

Especially if you own a thatch roof, you will need to replace it every few years to avoid deterioration, fading, and minor damages. This is why you need to opt for a new roofing system that helps you not only protect your infrastructure better but also cut back on your costs.

4 ways replacing your roof can save you money

  • It increases protection

Holding back on replacing your thatch roof can cost you and the quality of your space in the long run. Your building is subjected to harsh and varied weather conditions. Whether constant sun exposure, heavy rains, or strong winds- these can damage your infrastructure and cost you minor repairs constantly. 

Getting your roof replaced with a stronger one, can help avoid these issues and protect your building. 

  • It offers moisture protection

A new roof can offer better moisture protection to your building. If you suspect that your existing roof has run its course then you still don’t replace it, you may risk further damages due to leakages. While installing a new roof, there is a layer added underneath the shingles to offer better protection against moisture. This is called underlayment. It acts as a barrier to help offer superior moisture protection. 

  • It increases energy efficiency 

Choosing a new roof that is energy efficient can help reduce utility costs, and can keep your building comfortable throughout the year. Based on your roof requirement, choose the roof that suits your property the best. An effective roofing system can help radiate light, reduce electricity costs, and lower heat penetration through your roof. 

  • Offers better peace of mind

A new roof means better protection to your property, people, and your belongings. This also means you have to spend less on unnecessary repairs and replacements. A new roof that is strong, sturdy, and energy-efficient can ensure your safety, protection and offers peace of mind. 

When it comes to choosing a new replacement for your existing roof, there are varied options to choose from. But the choice that matters is the one that can offer better protection, savings, and is long-lasting.

The KHW Roofing system offers all these three and much more benefits to your property. Our synthetic thatch roofs imitate the aesthetics of natural thatch roofs and offer better benefits in the long run. 

Our synthetic thatch roofs are designed to offer:

  • Natural insulation

KHW synthetic thatch roofs work on trapping heat and keeping your property cooler during the summers, and warmer during the winters. It acts as natural insulation and protects your property from extreme heat damage. 

  • Extended life-span

A synthetic thatch can last for decades, unlike a natural thatch roof. KHW thatch roofs are designed to last up to 50 years. This means that once installed, you don’t have to worry about repeated replacements or repairs.  

  • All weather-proof

Whether it is scorching sun, heavy rains, or strong winds- you and your property are rest assured to be safe and protected. KHW synthetic thatch roofs offer maximum protection from all elements of nature and increase the lifespan of your property.

  • Fire and UV resistance 

Palmex synthetic thatch roofs are fire and UV-resistant. This means you are never to worry about unexpected fire accidents due to roof damage. Our thatch roofs are designed and installed to help protect your space from the harsh heat and fire dangers that may occur.

  • 20- year warranty 

At KHW solutions we believe in offering our customers the best services. Our synthetic thatch roofs also come with a 20-year warranty so that you don’t have to worry about any minimal repairs and costs. Synthetic thatch roofs require very little to maintain and don’t need frequent replacements. 

Not only these, but we also offer easy and quick installations! Our products are light and made of premium quality materials making them easier to install and offering lesser stress both on your building and your pockets. 

Synthetic thatch roofs by Palmex offer your building the maximum

  • Safety
  • Protection, and 
  • Energy efficiency

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