Why do you need Gazebo for your backyard?

You want to sit back and relax in your yard and enjoy the sun. In that case, building or buying a gazebo is a calculated investment. Whether for relaxing in the sun, or enjoying the sunrise with a hot coffee, or watching the rain from your garden, or for a small party in your backyard, a good gazebo delivers as an extended structure from your home to the backyard or as a temporary set up.

Building a custom-made structure will dent a hole in your pocket, so getting a ready-made gazebo or pop-up gazebo will be less expensive. Here are some structures that you might want to look at.

Open-sided gazebo

This modern updated version of a Chinese garden pavilion comes with a roof. The roof can be built in a gingerbread molding fashion, which will give it an English look. These days, this structure comes with wires so you could plug and use electrical appliances like light and a ceiling fan. Or pull out the sound system and enjoy the music. Decorate them with pelmets or curtains or a nice mosquito net to protect you from the songs of mosquito and their bites. Most of these are made from wood, although aluminum, fiberglass, and vinyl are also used for the structures.


Pergola is a large wooden structure with vertical pillars supporting beams to form a grid. The grid can be covered for shade or used to give climber plants like grapevines, climbing roses support. Pergola provides an attached space adjacent to your home. You can put tables, chairs and enjoy your evening tea. You could hang fairy lights, flower pots from the grid. Depending on whether the roof is closed, you get weather protection or you could let it open partially for some rays of the sun.


Arbors are decorative entrances to the garden or the yard. Arbor is an arched structure supported by two beams. It’s similar to the pergola as arbors are also used to support climber plants. For weddings or parties arbor acts as a gate to the location. If it’s not the entrance you could attach a swing to it and play with your kids. Arrange flowers, good climbers to the arbor and make it a photo booth for your functions. Or you could attach a bench to it and make it a sitting spot. Attach wisteria flowers and watch them hide the arbor in summer and spring. Set up a wisteria entrance.

These are the broad options in this segment. Your picks for your garden depend on the size of the garden, what you want to do with it. Do not pick a 6 x 3 pop-up gazebo if your garden is small. It is one of the biggest sizes, so you need to ensure there is ample space for that.

Steel Arbor 12,000 Pound Structure

You want a cool-looking structure for a wisteria stand. You need some additional shade beside your kitchen or your car porch. Red Star Ironworks have made a cool, organic-looking steel arbor weighing 12,000 pounds. It almost grows like a tree with branches. A client got it to supplement his garage and now it is screened with flowers in summer and spring. A flowery entrance.

Steel Gazebo with PVC 10 x 10

Molto Bella Ceramica constructs a European-styled gazebo. It is quite elaborate and therefore expensive. Made of galvanized steel and PVC fabric. It’s strong, durable, and worth the money. Tramonto, a popular style in this section has a 10 x 10 sized gazebo.

Vinyl gazebo

An elegant option if there was any. The octagonal gazebo provides a classic option with size options ranging from 8 x 8, 8 x 10, 10 x 10, 10 x 12. These sleek gazebos are made with pressure-treated pine which is enveloped by PVC vinyl sleeves. It’s easy to clean, durable, and adds to its life span. Oval-shaped ones provide more space with more size options. Vinyl gazebos make for a good hot bath. 

Aluminum gazebo

With the flexibility, and durability aluminum provides, it has been made in different sizes. It is easy to carry around and set up because aluminum is surprisingly light weighted. It is weather-resistant and withstands rain and winds. Makes for a good place to have your barbeque parties.

Remember to consider your landscape as well as the design of your home when selecting a garden structure. You’ll also want to make sure it’s big enough for what you want to do with it (reading, dining, entertaining), but not too big.


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