When we build our dream home, exteriors or outdoor spaces are often given less importance compared to the indoors. But the pandemic phase has made us realize the importance of having good outdoor space. When you are tired of the work-from-home routine or online classes, relaxing at a Gazebo amidst the garden would feel heavenly.

KHW Solutions will give you a guide through Gazebos and Garden umbrella which is going to be a perfect addition to your garden.

Gazebos are closed spaced construction placed usually in the middle of the garden. It is normally constructed in an elevated to get a full view of the place. Gazebos are preferred for this aspect and also for the privacy it offers.

Gazebos are constructed using either bamboo, metal or wood. We can choose the material considering the nature of the place we are living in.

Gazebos used to be octagonal or hexagonal. But dome, pyramidical or plain circular are also chosen as the shape of Gazebos.

Garden Umbrellas are huge and portable umbrella structures used for creating a hang-out space in the garden. They apparently serve the same purpose as that of Gazebos but in a different way.

Choosing a good addition for your place during summer is an easy task if you know what is the pros and cons of both installations.

The main thing about having such a space is to have a comfortable spot in your house. So the level of comfort has to be the first aspect to be considered.

Both Garden Umbrellas and Gazebos have their own pros and cons.

Gazebos make a separate and permanent place. It can withstand any climate without any huge issues. Gazebos might need maintenance with respect to the material used for their construction.    

Garden Umbrellas are portable and foldable. It can also be kept separately after its use. Or we can carry it around to our picnic place and generally outside without much difficulty. So we can say that the Garden Umbrellas are somewhat a better choice or more of a practical choice for enjoying the summer.     

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