Usually, we can see events like marriages and birthday parties being organized at halls. But without limiting into a confined hall or small spaces, we can conduct these events in external spaces like our gardens or yards.

KHW Solutions will give you the best ideas for Event Gazebos and Wedding Marquees.

Gazebos are small buildings built as exclusive confined places. They are normally installed in gardens or yards. Now Gazebos are also constructed on the terrace.

Gazebos can be built using Bamboo, metal, or wood. The material to construct the Gazebo has to be chosen considering aspects like weather, requirements, etc.

Gazebos are hexagonal or octagonal or even designed as per our wish as innovations have been brought out in the architecture of the Gazebos.

Designing Gazebos for events or installing event Gazebos is a new idea to celebrate events uniquely.

Event Gazebos are available off the rack. Also, Gazebos can be installed for multi-purpose. They can be constructed as recreational spaces and turn into event Gazebo. It is a kind of new way to celebrate events outdoor.

We have seen a lot of weddings being organized conventionally. But Wedding Marquees is something now everybody is choosing for many reasons.

With Wedding Marquees, one main thing is we get to choose the venue. Be it your home or simply a place you like.  

Wedding Marquees can be customized and planned according to our ideas and wish. It allows you to design your wedding. Wedding Marquees can be designed per the guests and also can plan the view.

Unlike typical halls or party spaces, there is no need to conclude the party in some time, rather we get to decide when the party is over.

As it is outdoor, Wedding Marquees has its pros and gives the ultimate freedom to organize it.

Event Gazebos and Wedding Marquees are just a few ideas to organize outdoor events. There are a lot of event ideas to plan to break the conventional ways of organizing. They give us a lot of space to organize it and plan it according to our wishes.

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