Gazebos apart from being an aesthetically pleasing element are also useful structures for outdoor spaces. It comes in handy on occasions like outdoor parties, camping, garden spaces, and more. 

Even if it is a temporary structure, gazebos need to be protected from damage. They are prone to be damaged by strong winds, and heavy rains. This not only deteriorates the structure but also may cause damage to the people and the property. 

It doesn’t take monumental efforts to secure a gazebo structure to the ground. This simple effort would save you money spent on gazebo repairs. Whether your gazebo is built on grass, concrete, or dirt, in this blog, we discuss the 4 simple and affordable ways you can secure your gazebo from winds.

Four ways to secure your gazebos from winds :

  1. Anchor kits

You can secure your gazebos from damage by the wind with the help of anchor kits. They are affordable and help secure gazebos to the ground. Most of the anchor kits are spiral or corkscrew pegs that fixate the gazebos firmly to their ground. 

In case your gazebo is built over concrete, anchor pegs may not be helpful. But if it is built over grass or dirt, anchor kits help dig deep into the ground to offer a tighter fit. This makes anchor kits the best option to secure gazebos that are built over grass and dirt. 

2. Weights

Weights are a great way to secure gazebos that are built over concrete but it also works well with the ones built over grass and dirt too. You can secure gazebos by placing weights on the legs and base to ensure the wind doesn’t blow or damage the gazebo. 

Sandbags are also a great option. Placing weights of about 80-110 pounds must work just fine to hold the gazebo in place in case of strong winds. Apart from sandbags, metal weights are also a perfect choice as they can lay it flat on the ground-hugging gazebo’s foot. 

3. Gazebo walls

 Another way of securing your gazebos is by putting walls around them. These temporary walls are usually vinyl and they help gazebos from being damaged due to strong winds. You can simply attach these vinyl walls to the top of the legs of the gazebo, anytime. 

This simple practice can protect your gazebos from blowing away during storms. If not vinyl walls, polyester walls work just fine too. It ultimately depends on your taste as long the choice of the wall is sturdy. Gazebo walls won’t anchor your gazebo to the ground but rather prevent wind from blowing through them. 

4. Pegs and ropes

Although anchor kits are a great way to protect gazebos, standard pegs work just fine too. Standard pegs unlike anchor pegs don’t have the corkscrew or spiral shape. Despite this, if you fix a peg into the ground and securely with ropes, it helps anchor the gazebo to the ground. 

Pegs and ropes are a simple and affordable choice. You can buy plenty of them to help secure the gazebo to the ground. Steel pegs are a better choice since they are resistant to moisture and less likely to rust. 

Why Palmex and KHW solutions gazebos are a great choice for your space?

Gazebos are great to amplify your outdoor spaces. Whether it is a hotel, resort, event venue, or even your garden and patio spaces, gazebos add a look of sophistication to it. 

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Finding the right gazebo for your place takes time and requires patience. KHW Solutions will guide you through it all. From offering you a wide range of options to installing your gazebo securely in your space- we take care of everything for you!

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