Why is it reliant more often than another wooden fence?

It is a tropical-looking fence that has become the trend in recent years, and it deserves your attention. it’s very flexible; thus, it doesn’t break as easily during severe storms. Additionally, it complements perfectly and does justice to beautiful gardens.

The bamboo fence never goes out of style!

Its natural finish is sort of beautiful and it also can be stained in colors of your personal preference. When it ages, bamboo takes on a silvery sheen that’s quite beautiful. There are different types of bamboo that you simply can select from. Construction of the fence also can be administered in several ways, the foremost popular being bamboo poles strung alongside twine. In warmer climates, it’s even possible to create a live, growing bamboo fence.


  • Bamboo fence

Bamboo fences are long lasting and sturdy. They require minimal maintenance and care. you’ll achieve a natural aesthetic and exotic shop around your home by installing a bamboo fence. it’s also usable during a sort of climate. it’s immune to excessive heat, ultraviolet rays, rain, and snow. it’ll also reduce pollution because it absorbs CO2 and other toxic gases.

KHW always provides the simplest bamboo fencing

Bamboo is a very strong material – though exceptionally light and porous, it’s a lastingness greater than steel! Bamboo will resist breaking under stress up to twenty-eight,000 pounds, compared to steel’s 23,000 pounds. In comparison to wood, bamboo has shown to be two to 3 times stronger than most woods. KHW has the simplest selection of those bamboos for you to settle on from, for your property’s requirements accordingly.

There is a catch to the present beautiful option most plants require some maintenance, and for bamboo that maintenance is within the sort of cutting down the clumps. Every winter, it’s good practice to get rid of unspecified culms from the clumps. Culms live for usually 3 or 4 years; therefore, the aim is to chop them out before they die. Removing the old culms does a couple of things; It makes the bamboo look much tidier since all old and scruffily looking culms are removed, leaving only nice new healthy culms. It removes any potential leaf litter from dying culms since you’re cutting them out before they drop their leaves and die. It exposes the clump, making it possible for brand spanking new shoots to once more come abreast of the within of the clump. By enabling new shoots to return up inside the clumps, also helps in restricting clump spread, since new shoots aren’t forced to grow just on the surface perimeter for the clumps. KHW also provides services to take care of your fencing. Check our website for more information or mail us.

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