Different types of Thatching or what we call Balli hut now has been a very primitive method of roofing. This could have been seen everywhere back then. But now roofing has evolved and turned into a lot of innovative and easy techniques. But we can’t say that thatching is extinct now. We can still see in hotels and resorts for giving us a tropical vibe.

Thatching has been, but a complex task. Thatches are actually dried grass or straws kept properly in order. Even the process of thatching is an art and not everyone can do it. So we can conclude that the whole process is difficult.

Apart from all this, natural thatches fall for destruction soon. We know that these thatch materials and an organic substance and naturally pests and insects come inside it and ruins it. So it has to be changed frequently, that is once it starts to decay. So the whole thing about thatching is complex and difficult. But we still see these thatched roofs in resorts and hotels. But in most cases, they are not the natural thatches we are talking about, but the synthetic or artificial thatches, which looks exactly like the natural thatches and are more durable, strong and efficient than them.

If you have outdoor space or garden installing a Bali hut would make your yard a great chill-out spot.    

KHW Solutions will guide you through this. 

First of all, installing a Bali Hut roofing would never be as complex as installing natural thatches. Easy installation is one main feature of this. Also as the need to change the roofs frequently isn’t there, it would come up as a problem. 

Bali hut roofs can make any place aesthetic. If you are planning to give it in your external space, you are giving tropical vibes to that space and also is creating your own personal vacay place. Installing one for Gazebos or Pavilions are also a good idea. 

You can also plan according to your own idea on how to install the Bali hut roofing at your home. 

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