Backyard designs are often given less attention. But during this Pandemic, spending every day of the year just confined to the house, we realized how welcoming and refreshing our home should be. Imagine after a tiring Work from Home or Online Classes, sitting in your Backyard, on your couch, under a Gazebo or Pavilion in the garden, sipping your favorite coffee? Or what about making the walkway to your garden as a Pergola, as we see in the movies? Pretty much dreamy right?

So come step into KHW Solutions we will show you some amazing Backyard design ideas! 

We can turn your boring backyards into a comfy cute space, where you can chill out and have fun with your friends and family or maybe spend some quality time alone in the most aesthetic spot of your house.

There are various ways to design your backyard into a congenial refreshing space. Gazebo, Pavilion, Pergola are some of the popular options.


Gazebos and Pavilions might seem alike, but their architecture isn’t. 

Pavilions can be defined as shelters but Gazebos are more of an exclusive or a confined area. But both got solid roofing and usually a built-in sitting area. Pavilions are in most cases fully open, meanwhile, Gazebos are partially open.

Gazebos are usually Hexagonal or Octagonal in shape, whereas, Pavilions are most usually rectangular, which is similar to a porch. Even the roofs of Gazebos are innovated into different styles. 


Pavilions are an exclusive area like that of Gazebos or in nutshell, we can say Pavilions are just roofed areas with sitting space. Meanwhile, Gazebo seems more like a raised, small private place.


Pergolas are different from both Pavilion and Gazebo. Pergolas are more like free space, in most cases a narrow walkway, a vertical area; amidst a garden. Unlike a Gazebo or Pavilion, Pergolas doesn’t have any solid roof. It is roofed by horizontal planks, supported by pillars and naturally decorated climbing vines. 

Roofs of Pergolas are usually horizontal planks that allow partial sunlight, but there are new innovations that allow pergolas to provide full shelter at the right times. 


Pergolas, Gazebos, and Pavilions are indeed a comfy and beautiful spot that is the right spot for refreshments. We can find it in commercial institutions too. They have a great aesthetic appeal that can add beauty to the whole space. 

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