If you are thinking of picking a gazebo with modern feels, metal gazebos may be your pick. But what is the best option there? Aluminium, steel, cast iron all make compelling cases. Here, we look at why Aluminium might be your best option. 

Why get an Aluminium Gazebo?

Gazebo helps to utilize your space in your garden or courtyard to get closer to nature. To set a place to relax, host small parties, or even a place for your kids to play, a gazebo provides it with all. Choosing the right gazebo is paramount to take advantage of your settings. You might be tempted to use a wooden gazebo with a classical design. But, metal gazebos provide more versatile and modern options. In metals, Aluminium, steel, cast iron, all provide good options with their strengths and weaknesses. Here we look at the plus points of Aluminium gazebos.

1. Corrosion Resistance

As you know metals are susceptible to rust if they are exposed to rainy conditions for long. Steel gazebos have a powder coating to prevent corrosion. But the problem is if small damage happens to the powder coating, then you can kiss your steel gazebo goodbye. Without the powder coating, steel gazebos struggle against rust as steel is extremely rust sensitive and gets rust when there is a slight change in humidity. 

What helps Aluminium against corrosion is its natural coating. If you remember your science class, rust is formed while metal reacts with oxygen. In the case of Aluminium, it also reacts, but the oxidizing layer forms with a thickness of 0.5mm around its surface. So it gets a shield against corrosion. Pretty cool, right. 

Unlike steel gazebos, small damage to the coat doesn’t bother aluminium, because the coating layer will form back when it is exposed to oxygen again. So Aluminium always has protection against corrosion. 

2. Recyclability

Aluminium is highly recycled, globally. With 60 percent of the Aluminium cans are collected and nearly 90 percent of the metal used in transportation, construction is recovered. The chemical structure of Aluminium is not altered much. It is highly energy-efficient as recycled Aluminium only requires 5 percent energy to convert to primary Aluminium. Its materials are not lost much, giving us the luxury of recycling Aluminium as much as we want. Using an Aluminium gazebo is environment friendly and cost-effective. 

3. Flexibility

Aluminium is a light weighted metal. It only weighs one-third of steel. Being a lightweight option, it is easier to carry it around. If the gazebo is a pop-up assembly, Aluminium gazebos provide good utility, as they can be transported easily. These make-shift options are foldable gazebos. Aluminium provides enough flexibility to make a foldable option. It also makes it easier to set up quickly, when rain is coming suddenly, you can set it up quickly. It is also useful as a temporary structure in markets and fairs. 

If you want to redesign the gazebo in the future, it is easy with an Aluminium gazebo.

4. Durability

Aluminium is highly resilient and durable when it comes to construction. So when exposed to the elements and harsh weather conditions, you can bet on Aluminium to come out on top. It is not sensitive to fluctuations in the weather, being corrosion resistant. A wooden gazebo might be susceptible to termites and damage by rotting, cracking, splintering. Wood also needs to be replaced and replenished over time. Steel structures can be bend easily. Because Aluminium is durable, it has fewer chances to chip, twist, break, or rot. 

Things to remember while setting the gazebo

Now you know the benefits of an Aluminium gazebo, you need to know what options to look at? Where to set your gazebo in the yard? And how to choose the right accessories for it.

Gazebo ideas

You can use the gazebo in many ways. You can set it in your garden and fill it with shade-loving plants. You could use it as an outdoor kitchen while setting up a spot for Barbeque grilling. If the gazebo has structures in it, you can set your plates and other accessories in the gazebo itself. Pick a gazebo with a hardtop roof for this purpose.


Deciding the best location for your gazebo can transform your garden and maximize the looks and use of the gazebo. A gazebo can divert attention to things you want. You could make a small pond or a garden path near the gazebo. Put the gazebo away from the trees, as trees provide shade, it might be wasting the spot. Put somewhere where you want some shade. 


Depending on what you want with the gazebo decide its size. If your yard is small, then obviously don’t pick a large one. If the usage is small, like a personal retreat where you just relax, pick a 8 x 8 gazebo. A 10 x 10 one gives more space for your kids to play and hang out, and a 12 x 12 one with additional space can contain small parties and get-togethers while also giving the kitchen option.

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